Unleash the Type-In Power!

Unleash the Type-In Power!


Written by

Papa Whale


March 16, 2016




What if we told you that 10% of our daily revenue comes from type-in traffic?

Are you impressed?  You should be—because that number’s nothing to sneeze at in 2016!

Type-in traffic is a beautiful thing; it allows us to reach a very specific segmented market—one with proven interest.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at just what makes type-in traffic so interesting while also providing a few practical strategies for harnessing the power of type-in traffic on one’s own.

Type-in traffic, defined

Many of you Webmasters out there already know what we mean when we say “type-in traffic,” but if this is new territory to you, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory:  type-in traffic is literally traffic that stems from the typing in of a domain name into the address bar (or URL bar).

The easiest way to characterize what type-in traffic is not—is search traffic (e.g., visitors who ended up on a site after using a search engine or clicking a result).

Type-in traffic is targeted...

Because this traffic consists of visitors who had to do a little manual labor (hey, they did have to move their fingers a little bit!), we consider type-in traffic one of the best sources of targeted, qualified traffic you can get.  

You didn’t force these individuals to type in your domain name -- they typed it in because they WANTED to (or because they thought they’d land on something relevant to what they typed...).

It’s free traffic...

Type-in traffic isn’t bought or paid for.  Nope, these visitors don’t cost a thing.  

These are visitors who remember your brand or domain name -- or perhaps they’re just visitors hoping your site is one that exists after typing in that keyword, term, or dictionary word that was on their mind.

It’s traffic that has insanely high returns

Since you didn’t actually pay anything for this traffic via paid campaign or otherwise -- type-in traffic can help you achieve 100% ROI with your campaigns.

And according to our stats, visitors originating from type-in traffic are twice as likely to convert and they spend on average 30% - 40% more money than other sources of traffic.

With this alluring data in mind, we’re sure that you’re chompin’ at the bit right about now asking, “HOW CAN I GET A PIECE OF THIS SO CALLED TYPE-IN TRAFFIC?”

Well, other than buying a dictionary word .com domain name—or being one of the fortunate few to secure a million-dollar+ domain name receiving thousands of organic type-in visitors daily—you still have a few options.

You can Watermark content that is yours

Branding is everything - and that’s one way to get people to remember your site/service at a later time.  Branding can be achieved by watermarking your content (and we do mean YOUR content -- not someone else’s) or content that you have permission to alter.

Digital Watermarking rose to prominence way back when as a way to protect and establish ownership of one's original media (usually an image or video). But soon after, watermarking became a great marketing tool for brand & URL awareness.

If you’ve ever seen a CrakRevenue product banner, you’ll note that all of our banners & creatives are branded and watermarked with our corresponding URL for that specific product.


Watermarks & Social Media

Watermarking not only helps spread the word of your site -- on Social Media, it can help you promote some of those adult domains that don’t always work out well on those less-than-friendly adult social channels.  We even pointed out some ways you could mask one’s adult affiliate link in a recent post.

Just add a watermark to that next soon-to-go-viral video of yours and watch the awesomeness that ensues.


Tube sites provide perhaps the best platform for your legally watermarked content.

Pre-roll, post-roll, scrolling banner… whatever you add, it’s sure to be seen!  That’s why even YouTube now is jumpin’ on the watermarkin’ bandwagon.

Make Branding part of your overall strategy with Amateur Payouts

In fact, we’re even going to go the extra mile right now and offer our Webmaster friends something super generous...

Through our sister-site, AmateurPayouts, we offer affiliates tons of promotional materials (including downloadable video content) that can be used to promote our network of 11 paysites in various ways.

Because these paysites are run by us and we own the content—we’re pretty flexible when it comes to ways you can promote this content (including watermarks).

We really do encourage you to take a look at Amateur Payouts if you’re interested in legal alternative ways to promote and rebrand content (especially if you don’t have your own content to use).

(Please note:  Any content of ours that is re-branded must be used to promote AmateurPayouts exclusively. It cannot be used to promote other offers unless specifically allowed by us.)

And have patience -- establishing type-in traffic takes time to build when going the watermarking route.

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” Molière

So with that said, get crakin’!  You’ve got business and type-in traffic to attend to.

Unleash the power.

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