Drive more results from your campaigns – Pick the right tour!

Drive more results from your campaigns – Pick the right tour!

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


August 14, 2013


Affiliate Marketing


What makes CrakRevenue the best Adult CPA network? Among many things it’s the fact that we design our own ad tools. We create our own custom landing pages, as well as hundreds of banners in just about any size. Every single element of our ad tools is extensively tested before it is released and made available to our affiliates.

The idea is to provide our affiliates with the most efficient ad tools in order to help them maximize lead generation and conversions so they can concentrate on a vital aspect of affiliate marketing: generating traffic.

One of our most famous ad tools has to be the Free Cams Exposed video landing page with “Derek”. For those familiar with promoting Free Cams Exposed, you might know it as our “default tour”:

We created many different tours, tested them all and that’s the one that got the best results - by far.

The Choice is Yours

But that’s the beauty of taking advantage of our custom-made ad tools: we have 8 different versions of our video landing page, as well as one completely different landing page to choose from in on our “Choose Your Tour” section so you can custom-fit your campaign:

As you know, we’re affiliates too, so we use these tours for our own marketing campaigns. According to our experience, here are the “other” Free Cams Exposed tours you should try today:

The Simple 2 Question Form


Let’s start with a tour that doesn’t have the video in it, no “Derek”. It’s completely different from all other FCE tours and you can choose between 15 images. All you have to do is add “?img=” to the safelink tracker and add a number between 01 and 15, exemple: Test them all and choose your favorite image!


The Pop Under Tour

Try this slightly different tour if you want to set up a pop under, it also works great with banners.


The Soft Pop Under Tour

This is our best performing tour if you want to set up a non-nude popunder ad. It has also proven to work great with banners.


Pop Under Video/Categories Tour

With this tour, the user can choose the category of model he is looking for directly from the landing page. It’s a more targeted way of selling the product.

Advanced Settings - Extra Earnings

When you’re setting up your ads, whether it’s a Banner, a Popunder, a Floating Ad or a Link, don’t forget that you can decide whether you want to send another popunder or to have an exit page. The idea is to make one last sales pitch to the user before he moves on. This strategy has proven to bring in more income on a constant basis. The default setting is to have these options. If you choose not to, you just need to check the appropriate boxes:

There are many ways to customize your FreeCamsExposed campaign. It’s up to you to take full advantage of the different ad tool options to create an original campaign that’s adapted to your traffic.

Promote Free Cams Exposed, one of our top performing offer and earn up to 4$ per free sign up. Contact your Affiliate manager to learn more about this exclusive CrakRevenue offer.



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