Back to Basics Series Part 4 – Get help…the right way

Back to Basics Series Part 4 – Get help…the right way

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


August 14, 2013


Affiliate Marketing

Knowledge is power. But in order to have knowledge, we have to learn. So how can we learn? There’s two ways: 1 - You can learn from experience. And 2 - You can learn from others’ experiences. It’s best to have both sides, and since you’re already out there doing your thing, the following tips are going to show you where you can go to get advice that will keep you on the right path.

Do Your Homework

Got a question? It’s time to put on your lab coat!  This might surprise you but the best way to find an answer is to be scientific. Study your issue, know it inside out and then start testing.

-Define your question

-Do a bit of research

-Analyze what you’ve found, get examples

-Now talk about it!

You’ll get more complete answers and better, more insightful tips if you know what you’re asking.

You’ll be able to better integrate the solutions if you really understand the problem, you make an effort, you know what you’re talking about, and you ask specific questions.

People with knowledge, are always happy and proud to share their knowledge. But that’s the key word: share. They want to feel like they’re exchanging information during a conversation, not giving a high school class.

People want to feel that their knowledge is being passed onto someone deserving, someone who understands, someone who’s actually going to put that insight to work.

Know Your Resources

If you want to learn more about the business there are plenty of resources. Here are a few:

Specialised websites like XBIZ, Ynot and AVN have pertinent business news sections that can help you keep up to date with the trends and know what new products and promotions are out there.

Forums like GFY, BHW, IQ69, Wicked Fire, and many more put you in contact with other players in the industry.

There are lots of affiliate marketing authorities that publish free ebooks, tutorials and even weekly newsletters with advice and details on how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

And of course, you always have access to the greatest, most personalized resource: your Affiliate Manager.

Contact Your Affiliate Manager

If you want personalised advice there’s only one place to get it: your CrakRevenue Affiliate Manager. He knows your stats, your traffic... hey, he knows the business.

Your Affiliate Manager knows the programs and offers. He knows what kind of traffic works with certain offers. He knows why a program might do better than another similar program.

Don’t forget, he works with affiliates who make thousands of $$$ everyday. He knows his stuff and he will find solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

So for whatever it is you’re wondering about, don’t hesitate to validate that thought with your Affiliate Manager. He’s the only one that can provide you with insight based on personal information. It would be a shame to overlook such a solid resource.

Do your research, check your resources, and talk to your affiliate manager. That’s a winning strategy if you want to improve your knowledge and grow your business!

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