Back to Basics Series Part 3 – Be Proud

Back to Basics Series Part 3 – Be Proud

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


August 7, 2013


Affiliate Marketing


In any business, being proud is an indicator of success. You’re proud when you like what you do, when you’re on top of things, when you know everything there is to know and when you dedicate yourself to your business. So if you want to make $$$, start by being proud.

Be Proud of Your Business

First off, if you want to be proud of your business, you have to like what you do. So choose your niche wisely, because you’re going to have to spend a lot of time dealing with related material. If you like what you’re dealing with, you won’t have a problem putting in the time.

To be proud of your business, you also have to be proud of your website or blog. So make sure to use quality content that you would enjoy, and update that content regularly. It’s also important that you be proud of the overall product: good content organisation, appealing visual aspects, strategic banner placements, etc. Basically, you have to create a website or blog that you would like to visit in your own free time.

It’s also crucial to be proud of your strategy. If you use spammy, sneaky, crooked tactics to get leads and sales you might manage to make a few bucks, if you’re lucky. But that’s not being proud. Being proud is playing by the rules. You don’t like getting screwed, and neither do customers and advertisers. So put together a smart, “legal” strategy with longevity that you can be proud of.

Be Proud of Your Success

Nothing makes a man (or woman) prouder than a job that’s well-done. So put your back into it and when all the hard work starts paying off, you’ll be proud as a peacock who just scored the hot chick. And that’s gonna make you want to keep going and do even better.

Be proud of what you know. Become an expert of the adult affiliate marketing world. Read articles and tutorials, go on specialised forums, talk to your affiliate manager. Absorb as much info as you can and use it to your advantage.

Be proud of your stats, they’re the ultimate measure of success. Analyze and monitor your progression. Use your stats to detect what works and what doesn’t. Set yourself statistical goals to push yourself. That should translate into something you can be very proud of: A nice fat paycheck!

You know how good it feels to be proud. That’s why we want you to feel that way about your business. So do whatever it takes because if you’re proud, that means you’re successful. And when you’re successful, so are we. And there’s not much else we can ask for...

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