Back to Basics Series Part 2 – Be Consistent

Back to Basics Series Part 2 – Be Consistent

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


July 31, 2013


Affiliate Marketing


Last week, in Part 1 of our Back to Basics Series, we looked at how patience and perseverance are important qualities in order to build a solid affiliate marketing business. Today we’ll be looking how to be consistent, which is a key to running a sustainable business.

“It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.”

― Anthony Robbins

Make Up Your Mind

Whether you’re starting out with CrakRevenue or an experienced affiliate looking to improve your business, you certainly know that you can’t go around posting banners everywhere, spamming everyone and their grandmothers just to promote a program.

Before you start promoting any program, you have to make up your mind about how you want to develop your business:

  • • Where is your traffic going to come from?

  • • Do you have a website or a blog?

  • • Are you going to buy traffic? Where from?

  • • Did you choose a particular niche that you’re going to work?

  • • Are there programs that fit your niche? Which ones?

  • • Can you attract good traffic with that niche?

  • • Where are you going to get your content from?

  • • Are you going to be able to update your content regularly?

The point here is that whales always think before acting. You have to first make choices and elaborate your marketing strategy.  You need a consistent game plan that you can stick to. That way you can concentrate your efforts and be more efficient.

Being consistent with your marketing strategy will also allow you to acquire more knowledge on important elements.  This way you will be able to identify your competitors, customize your programs, improve traffic sources, create promos, find content sources, etc.

Put Your Back into It

Nothing comes for free in this world. You'll need to put some effort into developing your business as to yield a nice return from it.  Put a little extra work in these three areas and get a big boost in results:

1- Update the content on your website or blog on a regular basis. It’s a great way to maintain a constant traffic flow...and that’s pretty important, right?

2 - Be sure to stay up to speed with your website and blog promotion by investing time in social media promotion, SEO, expanding your blog network, etc.

3 - Thoroughly check your stats every day. Hey, we got your back on that one. With CrakRevenue you have access to more stats than you can shake a stick at, so use that powerful tool to your advantage. Analyse as much data as you can so that you become an expert in your business and industry.

The idea here isn’t necessarily to work yourself to the ground but to put in consistent, regular effort so that you are also on top of things. Your wallet will thank you later...

Stick to the Plan

Once you’ve made up your mind about your campaign strategy and started to put in some work, it’s important that you don’t start bouncing around too much. 

Let’s put it this way: say you decide to open a sandwich shop. You’re not going to throw all the bread and lettuce out the next week and start selling cellphones...That wouldn’t make sense, right? Well it’s the same thing with affiliate marketing. You can’t just throw your game plan out the window.

Of course you should make changes and adjustments as you go to maximize your results and profits. But that has to be based on observation and rational thinking. Drastically changing niches or programs to switch to the new supposedly hot thing that your neighbor told you about, regardless of compatibility with your traffic sources might not be the most productive idea.

It won't be always easy, but put in some perseverance and it will pay off. Easier said than done? Yeah, might be. But hey, we've been there, success doesn't come overnight.

And when you have the blues, take a step back, look what you've done, re-energize and get back at it; stick to the plan.

Next week:

Check back with us and we’ll explain why it's important to be proud of what you do.

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