Whale Testimonial – CrakRevenue’s Tumblr Tutorial Series

Whale Testimonial – CrakRevenue’s Tumblr Tutorial Series
Testimonial - A look back at Tumblr Tutorial

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Papa Whale


May 22, 2013


Social Media

Testimonial - A look back at Tumblr Tutorial

We recently received some very positive feedback that we’d like to share with you. This comes from Dominic D. (aka "Failed"), a GFY forum member that closely followed our Tumblr tutorial series published last March.

He put a lot of effort and persistence into his work and even started a thread  on the forum to post his great results obtained using our method.

He then came back to us about a week ago with these nice words and, even better, complementary information to be used in conjunction with our method for even better results!

Feel free to use it and remember... Perseverance is the key!

Here's what Dominic wrote us after using our guides:

Thank You CrakRevenue!

It’s a rarity to find affiliates in our industry that are willing to publically share their successful tactics and tools. Reading the step-by-step instructions and in-depth information the team at CrakRevenue shared in their Tumblr tutorial series was exciting.

It was an introduction to new ways of gaining traffic and revenue for those of us unfamiliar with Tumblr. I suspect it even helped those with previous knowledge, as well.

To show my appreciation for my traffic and revenue increase, I would like to share some of what I learned along the way.

No Fear!

There is a piece of advice I want to share right away. Don’t listen to the negative comments about being banned, and losing all of your hard work. There are many well-aged, hardcore porn blogs still happily posting away. Follow the Tumblr rules, and forget the scare tactics made by webmasters who are afraid of competition. It’s amazing how many people want to offer you advice when it’s a deterrent!

After you’ve overcome your fear of being banned, it’s time to read the tutorials provided by CrakRevenue. They guide you through important steps in account creation, social interaction, and traffic generation. When your blog is functional and you’ve implemented everything suggested in the tutorials, we’re ready to start tweaking!


Let’s start with tags. In the 3rd step of the 1st tutorial it states there is a tag limit of 10. From the research I have conducted and the posts I have made, it appears that the tag limit is actually 30. Note that you will not receive a warning if you go over 30 tags while creating a post. This could be an incredible waste of time, so keep an accurate count.

Being aware that there are a total of 30 tags allows us to experiment a lot more with keywords and it casts a larger net. Big net = more fish!

It’s incredibly important that we pay attention to tags for several reasons. The tags we use place us into the Tumblr search results. There are tags that will generate little to no attention, and tags that will make your eyes light up when you receive your follower count updates.

Confident with my test results, I’ve ignored the suggestion of not using the same tags repeatedly. Adding the same quality tag on many subsequent posts put the blog at the top of a popular search query in Tumblr. This how I’ve amassed a significantly higher follower count compared to similar blogs that I’ve created.

Posting Patterns

The follower count can also be rapidly increased by considering post frequency. Research your competitors and find out how often they post. In order to stand a chance of being noticed in the dashboard feed and internal search results, it’s important to post competitively.

You should have plenty of content available to reblog from those you have already been following. It’s not crucial that every post be your own, in fact, it makes you appear more social if you mix it up. Use the queue and bang out those posts!

Post timing will also increase traffic. Pay attention to the days and times that your follower count increases and your stats spike. This is a part of knowing your audience. Which day and at what time do most viewers search for your content? After answering that question, increase your post count during those time periods and attract more followers.

Know Your Settings

I’ve seen active conversations take place with followers and with people that I follow. Enabling your blog to allow replies encourages participation and time spent on your site. It also appears that posts with comments tend to be shared a lot more. Be vocal and ask people to follow you! The more viewers added to the conversation the better.

Let people ask questions, even anonymously. I’ve received compliments, complaints, and a few questions too. The complaints are always anonymous, of course. Whatever the message sent, it again encourages participation and increases time spent on the site. It also gives you a chance to further interact with your loyal viewers and keep them coming back.

Letting people submit posts is another big opportunity for traffic and follower gains. The people who see their own submissions on the blog get excited. They are more willing to share their own blog posts than any others. The potential of receiving recognition from other social networks increases greatly. I like to make posts daring my blog viewers to submit for one reason or another. It works well!

Back To Blogging

I certainly hope that what I’ve shared helps bring all of you more traffic, and more revenue! Again, I would like to thank the CrakRevenue team for the amazing tutorials. I very much appreciate learning new ways to promote sites, generate traffic, and create revenue opportunities. I’m positive that anyone who reads CrakRevenue’s Tumblr tutorial series will have the same success I’ve had.

Dominic D. 

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