Close-Up on German Traffic: 80 Million Internet Users Online

Close-Up on German Traffic: 80 Million Internet Users Online

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May 16, 2013


Affiliate Marketing

Last March, our friends at Xbiz put together a very interesting article about German traffic.

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“More current figures from report that as of June 30, 2012, 67,483,860 (or 83 percent) of Germany’s 81,305,856 strong population is now online. This represents nearly three percent of the global audience (placing Germany in seventh place for world Internet penetration), as well as a continued usage increase in the country.

Add in Austria with 6,559,355 (or nearly 80 percent) and Switzerland with 6,509,247 (or 82 percent) of its population now online, and you have a sizeable, profitable audience; bolstered by expatriates and other German speakers around the world.”

-Stephen Yagielowicz, XBIZ

If you’re keeping count, that’s over 80 million internet users! That’s more than the United Kingdom (51,412,657 users) and Canada (28,245,389 users) combined!

So how can you take advantage of such a large pool of internet users?

“Cultural and language considerations, such as offering German speaking performers; specific payment mechanisms; mobile compatibility and regionally targeted niche content are all important ingredients for serving the German market — just as they are for serving any geographically or culturally distinct audience. But just what are the distinct opportunities presented to adult entertainment marketers by the German audience in 2013?

As in many other regions, webcams and live interactive sex shows are increasingly popular choices amongst German porn fans, with a wide range of companies, associated white label sites and other entities seeking to serve this audience.

One upstart program making a splash on the German cam scene is, with its German-targeted “Free Cams Exposed” concept site, GratisCams. Affiliates are able to promote this new site on pay-perlead (PPL) or pay-per-signup (PPS) basis —providing a fast, free and effective entry point for adult entertainment entrepreneurs that want to test and profit from their website’s German traffic.”

-Stephen Yagielowicz, XBIZ

That’s right, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and sign up to our German Blitz promotion and make that German speaking traffic work!

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