Hit the SEO Road Part 2 – Off-Site Optimization

Hit the SEO Road Part 2 – Off-Site Optimization


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Papa Whale


April 1, 2015




We’ve already stopped at the first station of the SEO Road last week by exploring on-site search engine optimization. Now, we go a step further by looking at what one can achieve off-site.

When it comes to SEO, off-site optimization is equally important and primarily involves link-building campaigns; in other words, getting as many backlinks as possible… but not just from any website. To REALLY increase the amount of quality traffic to your site as well as your ranking, you ideally need to get the most popular and relevant websites to link to yours.

However, obtaining backlinks from sites is not your only option here. Thanks to social media, the power of email and various instant messaging platforms, the number of ways to get your link out there is endless these days.

Today, we tell you where and how you can share your links to achieve the best results, and hopefully help you become a master at setting up your own link-building campaigns.

Websites / Blogs

Let’s begin with the obvious here: the best way to gain traffic while improving your SEO ranking simultaneously is to have your links published on popular websites and/or blogs. Sounds simple enough, right?

In our industry, one of the most popular and effective ways of doing this is by negotiating a hardlink deal (having your link placed in the menu header or footer of a competitor’s site for example). This is extra effective when the content is within the same niche. For example, let’s say that your site is geared towards latinas and online dating. You would want to then find another site owner with latina content in the adult/dating niche to have your link placed on.

Remember, relevant content holds enormous weight!

The only cloud in the horizon - and it just so happens to be a dark and thunderous one - is that the adult industry is one vast, competitive playground, making the puddle you have to muddle through a bit more of a challenge. You certainly won’t be the only one looking for a link on a popular, highly regarded site. Be prepared to stand out from the crowd and make a compelling offer if you want that link.

If you’re willing to settle for less popular (but still relevant) websites, choose sites that target the same keywords as you. Finding a site focused on the same keywords becomes a win-win; both of your sites will be subject to better rankings.

Social Media

Hopefully you've kept up with our blog tips. because If you've followed our on-site SEO advice and incorporated some awesome content on your site, this part should come easy.

Remember, the cornerstone of quality content is a means to an end—SHARING! If you provide your audience with interesting unique content, your visitors will share it. Between this, and an amazing call-to-action, you’re set.

Speaking of which, a great social call-to-action is amusing, and at times, almost controversial. Your goal is to be shared and to incite comments. How can one do that without drumming up interest?  You can’t!  That’s why we encourage you to stir the pot a little.

The more arguable and opinionated your post is, the better. You can even start the discussion off yourself and pose a question to your audience, e.g., “What are YOUR thoughts on this?

But which social network?

Without a doubt, your best social media friend in any social link-building campaign is Reddit.

Why Reddit, you ask? Because this hip, monstrous social hangout allows adult content.

And who doesn’t love Reddit?

Lucky for you, we already gave you some awesome ideas on how you can drive traffic to your site using Reddit.

On the other hand, don’t forget that the biggest social media giant (yes, we're talking about Facebook) doesn't allow adult content.

Twitter may allow adult content in tweets, but not in paid campaigns.

Therefore, you'll need to send this traffic to a go-between website OR adapt your content to adhere to the rules of these social beasts. If you need help with that, you can read all about targeted campaigns using Facebook or Twitter in each of our respective posts.

Make use of Directories, Lists and Press Releases  

When we say directories, we’re not talking about those link directories that promise you “instant ranking” success. Those are often scams and considered unnatural links by Google.

Having a link on one of these sites can actually do more harm than good (it can lower your ranking, especially if you’ve put all your eggs into this one basket).

However, there are still some relevant adult directories that are worth exploring. One way to find them is to see which top directories you come across on your own while searching for the keywords you’re targeting.  And don’t be greedy when it comes to directories... we want to target quality over quantity.

Speaking of quality, did you know you can send Press Releases of your very own out to specific sites? Yep, that’s right! You don’t gotta be Google to send out a PR.

The adult industry has become so prevalent over the years to the point that, a ton of sites - e-magazines, blogs, and newsfeeds - have popped up allowing average Joes to spread noteworthy, and of course, newsworthy news if you’ve got it.

So if you do have news to share, never hesitate to send a Press Release to the relevant media to get the word out!


If you’re one of those people who relies on others to share your links, enough already! If you’ve read our series on Mailing and followed our advice thus far, you should have a legitimate mailing list by now with people who want to hear from you. But yes, having a mailing list alone doesn’t guarantee that your followers will share your content.

Our advice? If you’ve gotten this far building up a loyal following around your product or brand, asking your followers in one of your mailings to share your stuff can’t hurt!

However, don’t think of this as a one-way relationship: think of the mailing as a tool that can help you build a long-term mutual beneficial relationship with people that share your interests.

The Don'ts of Link Sharing

While turning to Craigslist, forums, chat networks, and/or various other instant messaging platforms may seem like an effective marketing strategy at the time, the truth is, this is not a wise approach.

Perhaps things would be different if we were dealing with mainstream content; but with adult-oriented sites, this has been done to death and it’s often considered spamming.

Even if this can increase traffic in the short run, it’s not worth it in the long run.

Many networks, including ours, do not accept traffic originating from sources like these, so be mindful.

And now what?

We covered a few ideas regarding relevant places for your backlinks today. There’s no such thing as a magic formula when it comes to a link-building strategy: you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t through DOING (good ol’ fashioned trial and error) as you work your way to more traffic and improved ranking.

The SEO Road can be a treacherous one at times, but considering the first result in Google receives 33% of the traffic compared to any other spot, trust us, it’s a road worth going down. With your targeted keywords in hand, this is the aim.

In fact, keywords are fundamental to any SEO strategy; popular adult keywords are some of the most challenging ones to achieve top-ranking-status with today.

Seriously, everyone and their brother tries to target “sex” -- how well do you think that works out for most people?  But not to worry, we’ll be expanding on this and talking about adult keywords in our next post. Stay tuned!

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