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September 3, 2014



While we're usually all about featuring our own great stuff, every now and then we stumble across something truly great and deserving of extra exposure - such is the case for the innovative and useful solutions we'll be talking about in the coming weeks.

Years ago, it would have taken an army of code monkeys just to build a tube site worthy of the pros.  Finding a proper hosting solution to go with your tube could have been every bit as nightmarish.

Today, long after the blood, sweat and tears of an impassioned team of programmers with a simple vision– such armies and such nightmares, are thankfully a thing of the past.

With more than 6,000 webmasters and growing, seems to be the solution for many because  it’s the most convenient way to build a tube site in seconds AND host it.

So what exactly is

It's free hosting for adult webmasters, with a platform that allows for easy and fully automated website creation.

Whether adult blogs or tube sites are your thing, you can now create either in under a minute, making it appealing enough for even the most impatient webmaster.

What makes it great

It’s a full-fledged Content Management System.  Don’t be fooled by the lightning-fast manner in which tubes and blogs can be generated -- quality does not appear to be sacrificed for efficiency here.

You can use your own domains or your complimentary “” sub-domain.

Why you should be using it

With more than 50 sponsors to promote, is becoming an indisputable force to be reckoned with, when you couple that with the astonishingly easy task of automatically importing videos from your choice of four major tubes:  XVideos, Tube 8, PornHub, and YouPorn.

So that means you can...

  • Create an UNLIMITED number of blogs / tubes
  • Scrape and embed millions of videos
  • Auto-update your sites with just the click of a button
  • Embed over 100,000 LEGALLY sponsored videos
  • Monetize with over 50 different sponsors via ad-system integration

Responsive Themes, Detailed Stats, and Scheduled Posts, oh my!

The sites you create via will work on all devices.

Not only that, but you can track your hits, track your earnings, and manage your network of sites through one state-of-the-art dashboard.  Pretty cool, eh?

Create a tube site in seconds by following this step-by-step guide

1.  Create Your First Site 

You can do this simply via your Dashboard > My Tube Sites.

Once you have your first site, you’ll find all your stats available under your Dashboard.

2.  Will you be using your own domain, or a free sub-domain? 

Regardless of what you decide, you can set it up under the "My Tube Sites" section.

Simply choose between the two options by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the right side of the screen - "New Subdomain Tube" or "Use My Domain.”

This is also the section where you can configure PlugRush.

3.  Name it, configure it, and CREATE IT! 

Once you’ve chosen your domain type in Step 2, you are now set to configure your own to its full potential:

Choose your niche(s), add tags, choose a title, and add a description.  When you’re done, just push the big red button… and bam!  You just created a tube site.  Yep, it’s that easy.

4. Tube or not To be 

The time has come to upload videos from the most popular tube sites.

Simply go to: Tube Tools > Video Manager > Tube importer and follow the easy steps.

5.  Import videos 

Once you’ve decided what tubes to work with, you can then customize all of them with different titles, tags, channels, description, and so forth before importing them.

By default, the videos you add will keep the same title, description, and tags as the original video, unless you go out of your way to change it.  To be extra unique, click the “Spin Title” button (a really neat feature) to mix-up the title so it stands out more and is more original.

... And there you have it!  Instant tube.

Because what's cooler than having your own tube, displaying your own advertisements, and earning your own money?!

In fact, reading this blog took you longer than it will take for you to create your first tube site.

For a more in-depth look at getting started, you can refer to their very extensive written guides on every section here.

Let us know what you think!

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