How Surveys Improve Conversions

If you want to engage your users, our Surveys are the way to go. Give them not only a voice but also a unique way to interact: you'll soon understand why this is a big marketing tool in our affiliate program. Watch as clients jump at the opportunity to take part in your surveys and reap the rewards!


At CrakRevenue we consider it our job to keep an eye on marketing trends so you don't have to. Therefore, we're always experimenting with new markets. With the vast information gathered over the years, after countless tests and trials, we can safely say we have huge high hopes for our Branded Surveys.

As of 2018, over 25 million survey-related offers have been completed online. These eye-catching questionnaires continue to engage and attract traffic by the day. Users love them because they make them feel like an important part of your community whose voice can be heard.

So what does that mean for you? More data about your customers, their preferences and expectations, and of course, more revenue!

Check out our surveys and you’ll see they make for great pop-unders. Rigorous testing has shown they lead to higher engagement levels than any other type of advertisement or pop. What makes them so special? All of our surveys are highly interactive and users absolutely love participating, especially when there are juicy rewards to choose from at the end!

To make sure they obtain the desired effect, CrakRevenue’s survey-related offers can be fully personalized so they feel less like an ad and more like an extension of your website. These offers create the ultimate funnel and can help you achieve higher conversions than you ever thought were possible.

Once you’ve obtained data from our Surveys, use it to learn more about your clients, what they want to buy, what they don’t like, what changes to make, etc. Ask about our Custom Surveys and let’s see how we can make them work for your campaigns.

Jump on the Survey Bandwagon

They’re new, different and engaging. But best of all, our Branded Surveys are an advertising option proven to promote brand awareness and increase revenue. They earn you cash without you doing anything!

  • Data = Money

    Our Surveys help you learn more about your users, their unique experiences and expectations. Once you possess this powerful knowledge, it’s extremely easy to turn into higher sales.

  • Incentivized Offers

    With more than 40 offers available, our Surveys provide your visitors with exclusive deals that lead to higher conversions. Don’t spam surfers with stuff they don’t care about. Give them what they want!

  • Extra Sales

    We’ve seen over 25 million Surveys fully completed online by users anxious to share their thoughts and experiences. At the end of each Survey, clients receive a carefully optimized appreciation gift that can result in additional sales.