Surveys, the New Trend

If you want to engage your users, our Surveys are the way to go.


At CrakRevenue, we keep an eye on trends so you don't have to. We're always experimenting and testing new markets. And with the information we have, what can we say... we have a good feeling about our Surveys.

Over 25 million CrakRevenue Survey-related offers have been completed and answered. They continue to engage and attract traffic by the day.

So, what's this mean for you? More data, more revenue.

Our Surveys make for great popunders. CrakRevenue Surveys lead to higher engagement levels than any other type of advertisement or pop. All of our Surveys are highly interactive.

CrakRevenue Survey related offers can be personalized so they feel less like an ad and more like an extension of your website. Survey related offers create the ultimate funnel and can help you achieve more conversions than you ever thought possible.

You can even use the data to learn more about your users! In fact, ask us about our custom Surveys and let’s see how we can make them work for you.

Why you should join the Survey bandwagon

They’re new, different, and engaging.

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    Data = Money

    Our Surveys help you learn more about your users & how to turn that into $$$!

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    Incentivized Offers

    With more than 40 offers available, our Surveys provide your visitor with unique offerings leading to more conversions.

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    Unprecedented Engagement

    Over 25M Surveys fully completed.