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Since the first bingo and poker websites first went live in 1998, millions of players have tried to win big online. As you can imagine, gambling is a very profitable niche that can make your affiliate business a ton of money. CrakRevenue has the knowledge, marketing tools and affiliate links to help you break the bank and become one of the many wealthy affiliates on our team.

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Online casinos and betting sites have demonstrated exceptional growth over past five years, which means colossal gains for affiliates such as yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you should be taking full advantage of the online gambling industry:

  • Huge Market

    Online gambling is set to reach 81.71 billion USD by 2022. Meanwhile, the International Gambling Commission has reported increases year after year with such online gambling options as Casinos, Sports Bookies, Live Dealers and Live Betting. Every affiliate wants a piece of this huge market, which will only continue to grow in size with time.

  • Increasing Popularity

    Thanks to softening laws across the U.S. and other parts of the world, online gambling is now at its peak. Our innovative marketing strategies take into account demographics while at the same time remain appealing to all generations, both young and old. CrakRevenue has huge progressive jackpots and low stake bets that enhance the experience for your audience. Start pushing it and see the results.

  • Gambling Made Easy

    One of the most attractive elements of online gambling for users is being able to make bets without having to leave their house. Your audience doesn’t have to get dressed up, spend money on overpriced drinks and food and sit in a crowded casino. Instead, from the comfort of their own homes, day or night, they can easily jump on the internet, head over to their favorite online casino and spend money.