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Entertainment can take many different shapes and forms. This of course is the primary reason why affiliates around the world find it to be such a fun vertical to promote. It can be something as simple as watching movies online or listening to music from your favorite bands, playing video games, watching sports and television. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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Entertainment on a Silver Platter!

CrakRevenue wants to serve you spectacular entertainment offers tailored to meet your traffic’s needs. Our job is to make sure you have access to the most profitable and exciting verticals available. Here are only three of many reasons why you should start pushing your traffic to our entertainment packages:

  • Extremely Popular!

    No less than 13% of web surfers use the Internet for entertainment purposes, with time-shifted TV being one of the fast-growing trends. Music apps such as Spotify and Pandora are extremely popular with youthful users. Any of these options (plus many others) can make you a nice hefty sum of cash each month for a long time.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    The entertainment industry is constantly reaching new heights of success thanks to Video-on-demand, content streaming and hyper-targeted advertising. As your audience continues to generate more and more data regarding their preferences, relationships, habits, locations and so forth, you’ll be able to better decide which entertainment options work best for your traffic and continue to increase your earnings.

  • Variety Entertainment

    What makes entertainment such a sexy option for affiliates around the world? The variety of options to choose from, whether it be music, movies, shows, videos games, or phone apps, opens up many opportunities to make money. In the midst of their busy lives, men women want to be entertained, if only for a few hours or minutes each day. Why not give it to them and make some extra revenue on the side? Total win-win!