Wanna Know Your CrakRevenue Ranking? Check Your Email!

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The very first CrakRevenue affiliate ranking has been given. If you can't wait to find out your CR ranking, check your email now to see how you ranked & what perks you'll be reaping!

*Drum roll* please…

CrakRevenue’s new affiliate ranking system has come to a head.

After the final sprint and all that traffic you have sent, you will now discover whether you made it into CrakRevenue’s VIP or ELITE CLUB!

Or, if you’re not quite there — whether you’re close to achieving something like VIP status and reaping those sweet, sweet rewards.

So cross those fingers and remind yourself what’s at stake…


And don’t forget to check your email NOW to see if all that great work has paid off!

If our emails aren’t getting delivered, you’ll miss out on all the informations about your rank AND our new offers.


Here is what you can do to ensure you’re receiving them:

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the last email we sent via crakteam@nlt2.crakrevenue.com   (make sure to whitelist THIS email address).
  2. Follow the easy-to-follow Whitelisting steps to make sure nothing slips through the cracks of your email provider here: http://static.crakrevenue.com/mailing/help/postman.html

Go take a look!

  • Nick Callisto

    how does the “Annual Payout Bump” work?

    • CrakRevenue

      Hi Nick,

      From the Ranking System TOS:
      The Annual Payout Bump is based on a 10% increase of affiliate commissions for the applied period. The Bump period of either 3 days (VIP AFFILIATE) or 10 days (ELITE CLUB) must be taken consecutively and at the time of choosing by the affiliate. Affiliates who wish to benefit from said Annual Bump must notify their Affiliate Manager at least 7 business days prior to their chosen period. Each affiliate can benefit from up to a maximum of 10 days worth of payout bumps per year.

      For more info, additional terms and details can be found beneath the table:

      Hope this helps!

      • Nick Callisto

        so basically you choose a period and hope it will be a good one
        would be much cooler if it’s 10% on highest period

  • Andrew Corden

    Out of how many active affiliates?

    • CrakRevenue

      Hey Andrew, we have more than 6000 active affiliates.

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