Traffic Factory’s Short-Term Flat Deals

Traffic Factory’s Short-Term Flat Deals

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April 18, 2018


Media Buy

In our industry, traffic is the sinews of war: the best conversion funnel isn’t worth a dime without traffic.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your brand, generate more conversions, or assess your funnels, you always need more and more quality traffic.

Luckily, you can always rely on ad networks’ top spots to get the best traffic.

Good news! Securing traffic has never been easier thanks to Traffic Factory and its brand new short-term flat deals. Learn how you can quickly access its pool of more than 200M daily unique visitors.

Traffic Factory’s New Feature: Secure a Short-Term Flat

Buying traffic usually means going through the unavoidable step of bidding on a spot. This has always been a common practice for all adult ad networks.

If you didn’t want to participate in a bidding war, you could always buy a spot at a flat rate. However, this method isn’t for everybody’s wallets.

Traffic Factory has now changed the game by offering accessible flat rates.

You can now reserve your favorite spot & position from 1 to 7 days in just a few simple clicks!

Flat Rates for Everyone!

Even if you never did any media buying before, here’s why this new feature could be of interest to you…

Self-Service Flat Buying

While flat rates are usually bought through 1-on-1 negotiation on Skype or by email with the Ad Network, Traffic Factory offers it directly on its platform!

Avoid the Bidding War

Finding the right bid can quickly become a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the art of media buying. Securing traffic at a flat rate without worrying about your bid (is it too high? Too low?) can become a real life (and money!) savior in this context.

Experiment with Trustful Results

You can reserve a position for a maximum of 7 days at Traffic Factory. Well guess what? 7 days is the minimum period you can use to generate significant results in a media buying experiment.

Whether you are looking to test a new funnel or compare the conversion rates of 2 similar offers, testing them with the mother of all adult traffic is simply a really good idea to get relevant results.

Secure a Top Spot

At the end of the day, that’s probably the most important benefit of this new Traffic Factory feature: securing a position and a continuous traffic stream coming in from the biggest adult sites in the world!

How Can I Reserve a Position at Traffic Factory?

Step 1: Choosing a Spot

Once you’re on the platform, select the Campaign page, then go to the “Targets” section. There, you’ll see a lot of useful information, including banner type, bid (CPM), average position and active filters. Notice the green “Reserve” button under “Actions”: this is where you’ll need to click in order to secure your spot. If your choice is not available, you’ll be shown various warnings.

traffic factory reserve

Step 2: Reserving Your Spot

All you have to do is click the “Reserve” button and you’re good to go. Well, almost: you still have to choose the duration of your campaign from 1 to 7 days. Interestingly enough, you can choose various durations for different spots. Once you’re ready, simply click “Submit” to validate your choices. Just like in the previous step, if some spots aren’t available, you’ll be greeted with some warnings.

traffic factory position

Step 3: Profit!

Ok, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but that’s almost what’s next. Once you’ve chosen your spot, Traffic Factory will estimate the number of impressions and costs involved. So there are no nasty surprises. Better yet, your balance will be automatically re-credited if you receive less impressions than calculated! And if you get MORE impressions than estimated, the reservation will be stopped earlier so you don’t bust your budget.


What is Traffic Factory?

Traffic Factory is one of the most important Ad Networks in the world.

It was born after the owners of both and decided to sell their traffic.

We don’t have to tell you these websites are extremely popular (for science, of course!) and have the numbers to prove it.

Each day, the platform manages billions (yes, billions) of premium quality ad impressions.

In other words, it’s a prime partner if you’re looking to buy quality traffic.

Furthermore, thanks to a unique filtering system, media buyers can expect higher conversion rates with content tailored to their audience.

It’s all about delivering the right content at the right time. Just what the doctor ordered!

Without further ado, let’s see how Traffic Factory can make a difference for you.

Traffic Factory Key Selling Points

Being a major player in the advertising space gives Traffic Factory a lot of leverage. Here’s why you might consider doing business with them:

  • Advanced Targeting: You can choose from any GEO, device or category to pinpoint your online advertising. Categories in particular are very interesting since they take into account the context of a page, allowing you to easily filter out customers that wouldn’t convert in the first place.
  • High Conversion Solutions: Traffic Factory offers two types of Ad Units: banners, pre roll videos and pop unders. Both have been optimized for maximum visibility and clicks. You can choose from a wide variety of formats, including Skyscraper and Leaderboard.
  • Incredible Reach: last February, Xvideos and Xnxx officially became the 5th and 6th largest websites (respectively) in the world according to Similarweb. In other words … they have the highest volume of adult traffic IN THE WORLD! … and Traffic Factory is the only gateway to access this amazing traffic stream. You’ll connect with a worldwide audience that converts well.
  • Entirely Customizable: You’re in control from start to finish. This means you get to set daily spending caps (no hidden surprises) and choose when you want your campaigns to run.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now and push your campaigns to the next level!


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