CrakRevenue’s Q&A with our Experts is Now on YouTube

CrakRevenue’s Q&A with our Experts is Now on YouTube
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Affiliate Marketing

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June 29, 2023


Affiliate Marketing

If you joined the last CrakRevenue webinar on June 28, you already know our team shared the best tips to make your ROI go through the roof!  But if you couldn’t make it, here’s what it looked like.                                                                                                                                                      

Affiliates worldwide got the chance to watch and engage with live marketing experts in real time! The chat was popping, and comments and emojis were raining. It was such an amazing digital experience. We knew we’d have to record it! So you could catch it whenever you can.


We covered essential topics like the best cam offers, the best traffic sources, using  Smartlinks, and the best payout types for your pockets! 

The host, CrakRevenue’s brand manager Vicky, ensured her guests and affiliate marketing experts, Raphaël, Louis-Julien, and Mérédith, answered the most fundamental questions in the business!

It was the most insightful conversation on affiliate marketing! 

Missed it? Stream it!

The conversation didn’t end with this webinar. It just started. And now, thanks to YouTube, you can play it, replay it, take notes, or watch it between two meetings. The content isn’t going anywhere, and you can learn whenever you’re free!

Get answers to the most common questions in affiliate marketing:

  • Which payout type should I choose?
  • Why is my traffic not converting?
  • What are the best Cam offers to promote with CrakRevenue? 
  • Which traffic sources work best with CrakRevenue’s offers?
  • How does CrakRevenue’s Smartlink work?

And if you still have questions or comments after the video, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. 

More amazing content on YouTube

Yes, there’s more! Explainer videos, reels, shorts, and podcast episodes: we have everything for affiliates to go from beginners to experts. 

Check out our previous webinar with RichAds to learn more about cam affiliate programs.

Stay tuned and be the first to know about CrakRevenue’s upcoming live events!


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