One of the Most Effective Ways to Promote Offers is Now Automatic!

One of the Most Effective Ways to Promote Offers is Now Automatic!

Affiliate Marketing

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June 14, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Remember in May when we told you that Back Offers were now automatically enabled on our platform? That one little tweak allowed you to generate up to 30% more conversions, without requiring any additional effort by you.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Well, good news — we’ve now enabled popunders too.

A Fresh Look at Pop-unders

Like Back Offers, pop-unders are another great way to yield more conversions from users that may not have been interested in your first offer. Or perhaps you have two solid offers, but ran out of of available ad space. Popping another offer is a great approach.

The difference is, compared to Back Offers that appear only to those who click the back button on their screen, popunders will typically reach a higher % of traffic than Back Offers alone, assuming AdBlock isn’t enabled.

For those of you old enough to remember the rise of the Internet, popunders and pops in general have always had a negative connotation. Sites of yesterday abused these one-time effective methods of promotion by not just popping something one time in a 24 or 48hr period, but by popping 10 different things.

Clicking the x to close one of these windows would only make 5 new ones appear…

It seemed like a pretty good way to catch the user’s attention at the time—or so some people thought. But really, this poor practice ended up tainting the effective popunder forever.

Pop-unders, now smarter!

However, today, we know better. Pop-unders are a very efficient way at promoting one’s offers. Especially now, since we’ve done our best to optimize pops with offers specifically designed and ideal for this type of display, with custom, tailored, attractive landers.

We also strive for relevancy. Relevant popunders. So by that we mean, for example, Dating traffic will not necessarily see and be exposed to a VOD popunder or vice-versa.

At CR, our team’s always making sure you get the best bang for your buck with our pops.

Fan of CrakRevenue Smartlinks?

… Well, think of our popunders like the Smartlinks of pops.

Remember, popunders double your exposure, and never fail to provide a viable second option to and for your users. They’re a second chance at conversions. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ second chance in life?!

So that’s why we’ve enabled them in CR 2.0. Fewer conversions lost!

Although, as we’ve said a few weeks back, enabling Back Offers and Popunders will have benefits for your wallet, but you might just miss ‘em if you’re too caught up at only looking at your EPC. That’s because Pops, in addition to Back Offers, tend to convert a little bit less than the original offer in most cases, so of course, by nature, it can lead to the appearance of a diluted EPC.

The thing is, if you don’t keep ‘em enabled, you lose all those sweet, sweet conversions. Which means less money in your pocket!

So, when you want to analyze your traffic, examine each metric. But the one that is the most important at the end of the day is, just how fat is your wallet…?

Thankfully, popunders tend to help in that department.


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