Questions about Surveys? Let’s ask the expert

Questions about Surveys? Let’s ask the expert

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June 7, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Stephanie Bedard has at times called herself as “the surrogate mom of verticals.” That’s because she is our go-to person when we need to develop something new. She starts verticals, tweaks them, expands on them, makes them into something with some tender loving care, then prepares herself for another challenge.

So when she turned her attention and focus toward CrakRevenue’s line of Surveys, we knew at this CPA network that they’d be in good hands and that Stephanie would be taking them to another level.

Stephanie is our expert in what’s hot and what’s not—and what’s trending.

We’ve asked her for some advice, tips, and insight. Let’s hear from the expert!

What are some good work habits when you are dealing with CrakRevenue’s line of Surveys?

I try to always keep myself informed. At home, while doing chores, I’ll frequently listen to a Webinar or a conference at the same time. I am always looking out for new trends in marketing. That really helps a lot when you try to find ways to engage consumers.

For affiliates, I think my best advice is to never put your survey on and then forget about it.

What makes Surveys so efficient?

Surveys are another way to sell an offer. But they are also there to engage your users. And, unlike surveys by phone or by mail, direct, on-site, surveys via popover or popunders have proven to be way more engaging.

Users wants to give their opinions on their experience. They want to feel heard. These Surveys allow users to do just that.

Any company that doesn’t think it needs to hear their consumers is lacking important input. Surveys give you precious data about your consumers that you will use later to improve your sales and your user’s experience.

Before you create a Survey, what do you do?

Before creating a Survey, I really examine the traffic of the page where it will be. I also ask the affiliates what data they want to gather. “What knowledge are they currently lacking when it comes to their users?”

After that, we work on the questions. And then, on to the offers that you will present at the end. While filling your survey, your user may be asking his or herself, what’s in it for me? So in this respect, we try to choose offers best suited for the traffic at hand. And hopefully dynamic enough so that the offers will change with the user's answers.

We can also work on the landing page of the offer that your user will click on at the end. For example, certain info that have been filled in the survey will already have been filled. Even the the title in the header at each stage of the Survey’s landing page serves its purpose to relay necessary information about what step that they are on (i.e., thanking the user for completing the survey a the very end).

How have Surveys continued to improve?

In the mainstream industry, I don’t believe Surveys have been maximized and used to their full potential. We don’t see that many Surveys on-site. It’s mostly by mail or worse, at the bottom of the receipt via a link they want you to visit. Those types of Surveys are often not completed by the consumer. They keep their receipt in the bag and forget to ever visit the link in time..

One thing that’s for sure, there is a lot of room for improvement in the Survey vertical. With Anis, our designer who works with me on Surveys, we work very crucially on the design, to make sure each and every product we roll out captures the user’s attention in some form.

After we’re done, we have a Survey design that looks like a REAL, live conversation with the three little dots that appears before the message, giving the impression someone on the other side is writing. This makes for a way more engaging page than a static page!

How do you know what to improve?

We A/B test a lot. We work a lot on the questions and we track everything. If, for example, most users drop the Survey after Question 5, well we will try to change it, or improve it on our end so this no longer happens at this question for further users.

We will begin to question ourselves whether or not five questions is the right number of questions for this particular survey.

We then also work on the offers at the end. Are the visuals good? The descriptions? Is only one out of the 4 offers typically getting the most attention and conversions? These are the questions that we ask ourselves daily and that we work to best ourselves on.

How does one begin with Surveys?

At CrakRevenue, we can really help affiliates get started. We work for them, from A to Z. We examine their traffic, we can even create their questions. And perfecting the surveys—taking the time to create a custom survey with us—well, let’s just say it can be VERY profitable!

And our new tool, the Survey Generator, is the absolute best place to start that journey.

This is the end of our interview, thank you Stephanie for your time!

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