Game On! CrakRevenue Enters the Gaming Market

Game On! CrakRevenue Enters the Gaming Market

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June 21, 2017


CrakRevenue News

Webmasters, affiliates, gamers and hardcore gaming enthusiasts alike — listen up!

Whether you have established Gaming traffic of your own or you just know you’ve got an audience that would connect with some awesomely hot and fun online games ... we’ve got you covered!

Because starting today, June 14, 2017, we at CrakRevenue have officially entered the Gaming market. We’re finally giving affiliates the opportunity to see every Game-related offer we have available on our platform (and hint: it’s a lot!).

We’re talking Mainstream Gaming Offers AND Adult Games!

Give your traffic what it desires! Good ol’ fashioned fun. And with the option to promote strictly-adult, hot, fun and sexy games — or fun addictive Mainstream offerings — there’s something for everyone.

50+ Gaming Offers Available

With more than fifty Gaming options already available for promotion, how could you ever go wrong?

Best of all: we’ve incorporated these new Gaming offers in our Smartlink approach and we’ve created 2 brand-spankin’ new Smartlinks so you can send your traffic to strictly adult games, or non-adult ones. And then we take care of the rest while you bring in the $$$.

As always, whenever you send traffic via one of our Smartlinks, your traffic is sent to the best performing offer at that given time. Of course, if it’s a Gaming Smartlink, your traffic will get dispatched to the best Gaming offer of that particular hour or day based on the visitor’s device and geographic location.

Promoting individual Games can at times be a little bit more of a challenge than promoting, say, some other type of individual offer found in CR. Between app installs, KPIs, carrier restriction and soft vs hard KPIs, the level of factors and complexity can be daunting when you take everything into account. This is why I encourage the usage of Smartlinks — especially our Gaming ones. Everything really is continually optimized in-house and guaranteed to deliver the best results.

- Thierry Bouchard, Business Development Manager at CrakRevenue

But of course, if you’re the cherry-picking, individual offer type kind of person, that’s not to say that we haven’t still provided you with an EXCELLENT lineup. We really do believe you’ll find something that both you and your traffic will respond to.

We’ve worked tirelessly with our providers over the last year alone to ensure we’ve been able to offer a jampacked QUALITY “bucket” of Game related offers to choose from.

Whether your traffic is interested in kinky games, or games of more traditional objectives — trust us — conversions should follow.

And if you haven’t done so already, join CrakRevenue today, so you can start making money right away with this very much untapped vertical at our CPA network!

So … You game?

Start Promoting Now!

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