Promote on Social Media Like a Whale

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Want to know what to do (and what not to do) when promoting on social media? Our Infographic has the answers!

At CrakRevenue, we know a thing or two about promotion on social media. And I guess you can also say we know a thing or two about promotional efforts on all the various avenues and mediums out there today.

So to us, it only made sense to share with you what we know has worked for us so far (and let’s not forget what has worked for others as well) in this great big realm that we like to call the social-sphere.

Today, though, we’re focusing on the marketing Do’s and Don’ts of two social networking juggernauts — Instagram and Twitter!

Social Marketing 101

So take a gander, boys and girls … and sit back and enjoy.

‘Cause these are our recommendations to marketing on Twitter & Instagram … LIKE A BOSS WHALE

Tweet Like a Whale


Instagram Like a Whale


  • Love these tips! Thank you!

  • Keeping up with the changes is so much easier with this blog, cheers

  • Net brand360

    anything tips for Facebook

    • Santri Jaya

      build fanpage with sexy model but not nudity, create campaign with PPE objective (don’t expose image like huge boobs, ass, sensitive area but just like a girl in the beach with calm bikini) and get like as much as you can, no link for every post just some word like : what do you think about this cute girl, (don’t use rude words) etc… after you get 30k-50k like, stop your campaign, keep posting 3-5 post images/day and you may insert the link but its better to mask it/redirect it by domain name, like this : some words blabla….. like above, get more collection here : to easier getting those 30-50k like and cheap, target not only tier 1 country but also tier 2 (europe) and tier 3 (asia : africa, philipine, malay, etc.), create FB cover and profile picture (just girl face) without exposing above mention images, create fanpage name like : sexy calm girls or umbrella motor girl, use your creativity so it not looks too rude such as hot ass girl or hot boobs girl, good luck and hope your campaign get approved by FB, if not approved don’t continue it to avoid your ads account banned.

  • бред для новичков

  • almas

    What about the name of the account? Use any person’s name or any niche related name?

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