This One Sentence Is Worth a Ton

This One Sentence Is Worth a Ton

Affiliate Marketing

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July 14, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

If you ask our opinion, we’ll tell you straight up:

At CrakRevenue, we love Surveys ... but we love data even more.

And there’s reasons for that. Surveys are great at engaging users and they can help you obtain extremely valuable information about your traffic which can only help you as a Webmaster and affiliate going forward.

Once a user begins taking steps toward answering the questions and completing the survey, conversions aren't far away.

So imagine our glee when OUR DATA showed us the VALUE that ONE SENTENCE could provide...

We often see 3x more the conversions on offers presented at the end of our Surveys. We chalk these results up to the user being even more invested at this point in time. Your user feels that the offers at the end are personalized to fit to his ...personal … needs.

And in our world of surveys, CR’s exclusive Porn Survey has continued to prove its efficiency at this since 2014.

Up to 45% more conversions with this change

But CR’s surveys have only gotten better with time. Because by adding one simple sentence near the end of our sales funnel, we saw our typical conversion rate on any specific offer rise by up to 45% more.

This is by how much leads have increased while promoting MyFreeCams, the cam site that’s generated the most number of conversions for us and our affiliates since CrakRevenue became the official gateway to MFC’s affiliate program back in 2013.

All thanks to this one sentence:

Thank you for answering the Survey! Register now to get your free access.

That's seriously it — sounds pretty simple, right? Yet this little tweak is important for two reasons:

It ends up engaging your user to an additional extent because the context of the survey is never lost.

It increases the appeal of the offer. The offer presented is no longer just an offer, it becomes his offer.

Again, by adding this tweak, conversions increased by up to 45%. With the same traffic, on the same month, with the same offer and the same payout.

With results like these, it just goes to show how important it is to optimize one’s sales funnel and make sure it’s working for you. Sometimes small changes make a big difference.

Want in on more conversions?

Try Our Porn Survey!

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