New and improved hit tracking code!

New and improved hit tracking code!

CrakRevenue News

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Papa Whale


March 12, 2014


CrakRevenue News

The CrakRevenue Tech Team just turned on our new hit tracking code. Every single page view is now logged, processed, and analyzed in real time, and ComScore tracking is now a thing of the past.

We're pretty proud of our accomplishment - one that’s normally only possible when you benefit from a Googlesque infrastructure - but it was something we wanted badly. Now, not only will it lets us support some new exciting features, but we also expect gains in performance and reliability.

Hey, that's some great news!

The new system has actually been running in parallel with ComScore for a while, which has let us the time to ensure everything’s working as it should before switching over and displaying these new datas exclusively.

In terms of impact, smaller volume affiliate should see no difference, as ComScore random sampling doesn’t affect them. Larger publishers won’t notice much of a difference but unique visitors will likely be smaller since we're now tracking every single display, which allows us increased accuracy on the unique count.

Another new improvement of the whale!

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