Get in the fast lane – 3 tips to get your application approved today

Get in the fast lane – 3 tips to get your application approved today

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Papa Whale


March 13, 2014


CrakRevenue News


Last winter, we’ve went over a few tips on how to get your CrakRevenue application accepted. Well it seems we were only just looking at the tip of the iceberg:  The last year has been so good that the number of applications went sky-high.

While we won't complain about the popularity of our product, we somehow had to raise our selection criterias consequently, and that means quality over quantity.

So what does it take to find your way in?  Here are a few tips that should get you in the fast lane.

1 - We want to know you, tell us who you are!

DO… Refuse to be just another affiliate number in a sea of thousands.

You want to stand out. You want your account manager to remember you by your name and for what you do. They say you never have two chances at a great first impression, and that's mostly right! This is why we are especially attentive to the information you fill out during the review process. It gives us a good starting point on how truly committed you are about your partnership proposal.

You should treat it as a sales pitch, or even better, as a job interview.  Even if we're not actually hiring you, we're going to work so closely together, it's essential that we get to know you for this partnership to be successful.  So, even if it takes you an extra 5 or 10 minutes to provide us with all requested information, we would say if you’re serious about this, it’s well worth taking the extra time.

This includes links to your website(s), details about your traffic sources, the market(s) you are targeting, and the objectives you're looking to achieve.

Don't hesitate to add any relevant information in the comments, such as references from other networks or partners you work with.

DON'T… Use canned applications!

Come on, who do you think you're fooling with something like this:

Hello, I have a few years experience with Adult CPA offers, I have worked with [name dropping some big mainstream network names] and Several More CPA networks in the past and would love to become part of CrakRevenue for its Exclusive and Amazing offers. I primarily promote via Pay Per Click and Banner Advertisements, and I have a significant Monthly Budget to spend on pushing traffic to your offers. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in Touch. Kind Regards

Needless to say, these applications are automatically denied… even if you change 1 or 2 words in it. Believe in yourself and tell us what YOU will really bring to the table by joining our program.

2 - Give your traffic the spotlight

DO.. Make your traffic quality and volume stand out.

Give us an insight or your traffic volume with stats and numbers. Be serious and professional about your work. We wouldn’t want to confuse you for an amateur.

Over the past few weeks, we gave you tips on how to build your own website. Now is time to reveal the fruits of your labor!

If you plan to use your site, a blog or any other way to broadcast our ads, make sure that it’s all built… or almost finished... before applying.

DON'T… Be evasive when asked about providing your sources.

Fear not! We won't steal your custom lander or site concept. We ask because we care about the nature and the conversion potential of the traffic that get sent to our offers, that's it!

Plus, by knowing how you are generating your leads and sales, it will be much easier for us to provide you with the best insight on your offers and promo tools selection.

3 - Play by the rules

DO… Read the Terms of Service (ToS)

I hear you, everyone hates reading fine prints written in long, brain-melting sentences but hey... that's how it's done so we need to live with it!  In other words, brace yourself, read the Terms Of Use and use it as a reference point as it is designed to clear the path from low-quality traffic.

DON'T… Pretend you didn't know about the rules.

That's pretty lame and won't get you anywhere.

We seek to provide our advertising partners with the best traffic, coming only from the most qualified affiliates.

Therefore, we do not allow the promotion of our offers through any form of spam, blind leadings, incentive, content locking or direct-to-form campaigns.

Well that's pretty much all that's needed to keep yourself out of trouble get you started on your journey to greater profits!

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