Referral Programs: Another way to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Referral Programs: Another way to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

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August 29, 2018


Affiliate Marketing

Familiar with the performance marketing world and champing at the bit to secure additional passive revenue streams to really dive full time into affiliate marketing?

If you’re like most seasoned marketers, this is of course you. This is the mindset that we all have.

Which begs the question: have you ever thought about becoming a referrer?

Indeed, all of us have either heard or are in contact with some real gifted affiliate marketers who seem to always succeed. By referring aspiring, motivated and like-minded individuals with a passion for making money to CrakRevenue, you stand to earn 5% of their commissions ... for life!!

Interested? Check out our tutorial on how to become a successful referrer and enjoy ongoing passive income.  

Affiliate Referrals: A Lucrative Business

So far, we have paid out more than HALF A MILLION in referral commissions to our top 10 best referrers.

How's that for some little extra pocket change?!

Indeed, just like affiliates can sometimes catch some real whales and enjoy incredible revshare revenues, referrers can benefit from those same affiliate whales as well—if you’re lucky!

Usually, a good referrer can expect an annual income of $30,000 on average. While this seems little compared to how wealthy some affiliates can become with one successful campaign, you need to keep in mind that most referral incomes are passive & steady.

In other words, once you start referring some good affiliates that generate steady income, you can actually take a breath and begin working on developing additional revenue streams without worrying about how you’re going to pay your rent.

This is the strategy that the vast majority of our referers have adopted.

However, there are a few affiliates who are professional referrers and who focus exclusively on affiliate acquisitions for CPA and other ad networks.

How to become a good referrer?

Any affiliate can easily become a good referer by following a few simple guidelines.  

Refer to Good Products & Platforms

Speak the truth and refer only products and platforms that you know are reputable and that have a good online presence and record. Indeed, referring affiliates to systems that have proven to be efficient and successful is more likely to generate conversions and - consequently - referral commissions for you.

Know your Business

Know the platforms and the products you are referring to in order to be able to answer questions if need be. There are really few people willing to either try or change affiliate networks before asking a few questions… especially skilled affiliates. You have to be able to answer those questions thoroughly in order to convince your contacts to make the move!

Be Active on Social Media

Be active on forums, blogs and other social platform in order to maximize interactions with your peers. This means commenting on the most popular forums, answering questions on social media groups dedicated to affiliate marketing, giving your opinion and sharing posts and articles.

Basically, any type of interaction or dialog that you can start with potential referrals.

However, forums are traditionally the most common places to start those discussions. Here are some of the most popular forums* related to affiliate marketing:

  • BlackHatWorld: The most important & popular forum for all-things related to adult web marketing. This forum receives MILLIONS of monthly visits.

  • STM Forum: The go-to forum for professional affiliate marketers. It costs $99 a month to be part of the community, but it’s totally worth it.

  • Warrior Forum: Mostly mainstream but very popular among affiliate marketers.
  • Many of the industry's most influential members can be found on GFY. Also … there's never a dull moment on this forum!
  • Find ALL types of professionals in the adult industry on this long-standing forum!

  • Digital Point: A little less popular, but this one’s still extremely relevant for affiliate marketers.
  • AffiliateFix: Growing affiliate marketing community… and a really great group of people.
  • Affilorama: Established affiliate marketing portal.

*These are only a few of the NUMEROUS forums out there where affiliate marketers can discuss about adult traffic monetization.

How to become a professional Referrer?

And if you're interested in taking it to the next level and pushing it a step further, well then you may want to consider becoming a full-time referrer!

Here are the main strategies used by the most successful ones in their field:

Directories & Reviews Site

Managing affiliate review sites or affiliate offer directories are one surefire way to make good use of your referral links. Moreover, using referral links on those websites is only ONE of the ways to monetize traffic..

Usually, CPA Networks or affiliate programs are willing to pay for advertisements on those pages that usually tend to rank better on relevant keywords that attract qualified web marketers such as “Best (insert vertical here) affiliate program” for example.

Affiliate Marketing Tutorials & Guides

There are plenty of affiliate classes, tutorials and/or guides out there. Who hasn’t seen an ad saying “Earn $XXX per day with this tutorial!”?

However, those who manage to create useful and efficient educational affiliate content tend to really succeed in the referral business. Indeed, if the method is precise and profitable enough to show new affiliate marketers the road to success, it can generate a lot of revenue in the long run.  

Become a Mentor and Known Blogger

Another good strategy is to brand yourself as a successful affiliate marketer that people are likely to follow and imitate.

Who hasn’t heard of Neil Patel, John Chow, Charles Ngo or Seth Godin?  

Of course, all these examples are some of the most successful entrepreneurs as well, but they are mostly known for their impressive number of followers and influence in the web marketing world.

Personal branding has existed for years, but it has really become powerful in the affiliate marketing world in the last decade. Once you are recognized as a key figure in a market, it gives you a powerful fan base which will be more likely to follow your guidance and buy or try the products that you’ll recommend.

Of course, one does not become a mentor without using all the strategies mentioned above including the basics like promoting only products that you trust. Indeed, this last strategy is probably the most complete one a referrer can adopt.

Once this level of affiliate celebrity is reached, there are numerous revenue streams you can take advantage of such as punctual spokesperson for brands or offering shoutouts on social media, just to name a few.

To learn more about this, you can read our article about influencer marketing.

Ad tools and custom funnels

If you are interested in the referral business, you can start right away by promoting your favorite CPA Network (aka CrakRevenue)!

Moreover, 5% is one of the most generous referral commissions you can have in the affiliate marketing industry, and this happens to be our payout :)

To get your affiliate referral link, simply head on over to the referrals section under CrakRevenue's affiliate dashboard.

In order to maximize the number of subscriptions under your referral link, we also provide custom ad tools and tours in the referral ad-tools page.

And just like with our offers, make sure to choose the right landing page according to your strategy (or let us auto-optimize it for you!):

affiliate referral program crakrevenue

Whatever your needs, we can provide customized ad tools, content and even landing pages that will better suit the number of affiliates you’ll be sending our way!

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to work hand in hand with the communication team who also happens to write your favorite blog posts!

I wouldn’t miss that chance if I were you ;)

Don’t hesitate to poke us in the comments if you are interested in becoming a referrer: we’ll be glad to help!

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