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Published by Papa Whale Offers & Promotions is the premier place for adult’s hottest deals … CrakRevenue's top-converting offers, at discounted prices.

We’ve teased and alluded to this deal-central adult megasite and we’re officially proud to unveil it: CrakRevenue is proud to present!

And its release comes just in time for Black Friday.

It’s Our Best Deals … All Under One Site

Think of it as Black Friday Madness in the adult world — but every single day.

We’ve already talked a little bit about the tireless work the Crak team has devoted to this new site. It’s worth repeating, however, that everything about has been tested and perfected with our traffic down to the T!

So What Makes Deal4Porn Especially Great?

Well, for one, this new offering features dozens of our top converting offers with irresistible & exclusive deals for your users — it couldn’t make drawing in conversions any easier. We even threw in deals exclusive at Deal4Porn!

Our new site and landing displays:

  • The number of days/hours left of a deal (tick tock!)
  • The Offer’s REG price… % off… and the Offer’s Discount Price (cha-ching!)
  • Top converting offers from all our top verticals

What does this translate to?  More $$$!

From PPL to Revshare, you get paid for every conversion no matter what offer has been selected by your user. And to make it crystal clear, the discounts presented and offered to your traffic have no effect on your payout — which is still among the best in the industry on all offers featured.

And even more to come…

While this remains the official launch of Deal4Porn with Black Friday discounts, we should also mention that we’re already working on new additional landings and deals for Christmas, Boxing Day, and any other seasonal events. Indeed, we want to make THE premier place for adult’s hottest deals.

Moreover, we are adding even more incentives for your traffic behind the scenes: From exit intent pops to more detailed deals (just to name a few).

We also have plenty of banners for each seasonal deal whether it’s this year’s Black Friday or whichever occasion. One thing is for sure: you can rest easy knowing that when you send your traffic to Deal4Porn, your users will have tons of appealing options at an even more appealing price.

It might be the first time you’re hearing about “Deal4porn”, but it certainly won’t be the last…

Want in?


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