CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta – Improved Reporting

CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta – Improved Reporting

CrakRevenue News

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Papa Whale


October 15, 2016


CrakRevenue News


Only 3 days remain before the official launch of CrakRevenue 2.0 beta!  We’re really eager to show you what we’ve been working on for more than a year now.

We’ve already covered the new features and the new offers that will be available in the beta stage of our new platform but we have also improved our Reporting system.

With CrakRevenue 2.0, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns like never before thanks to an impressive range of customizable filters and detailed stats.

More Effective Performance Reports

Get quick access to statistics sorted by Date, Country, Offer, Device and/or Vertical.

These parameters serve as the basis for a more customized performance report tailored to your specific needs.

For example, in addition to checking your stats by date like CrakRevenue Legacy, CrakRevenue 2.0 beta will allow you to select a specific timezone. This is very useful for accurately comparing data from multiple external programs to better measure results from a specific marketing action you took at a given time.

Customizable filters

Filtering allows you to include specific data in your report. You can include or exclude results from single or multiple offers, countries, browsers, etc.

Comparing and fully optimizing your campaigns will be like a walk in the park thanks to these numerous extra filters by: Vertical, Brand, Offer, Landing Page, Country, Niche, Browser/Device, Payout Type, Sub-ID 1 - 5, EPC, CTR, Payout, Impression, and by Clicks or Conversions.

Swim in a Pool of Data

Want more data from your campaigns? No problem… You’ll be able to obtain quite a few more details from your stats thanks to 2 types of additional data: Measures & Dimensions.


These specific metrics are the ones that assess the efficiency of your campaigns. No more in-house calculation! CrakRevenue 2.0 beta calculates everything for you with extreme accuracy.

Extra measurement filters available are by: Impressions, CPM (Cost Per Mile), CTR (Click-Through-Rate), Clicks, EPC (Earnings Per Click), CR (Conversion rate), Conversions, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and Payout.


Having vast data on the performance of your campaign is paramount… but only if you know what your campaign is about! The Dimensions are there to pinpoint elements you may want to assess in your reports.

With CrakRevenue 2.0 beta, you’ll be able to identify the performance by Offer, Ad Tool, SubId, Date, Year, Month, Week, Hour, Landing page, Source, Country, Browser / Device, Payout Type, and Creatives. All of these resulting in more detailed stats than ever before!

Only 3 days left!

We can't wait for you to tweak your campaigns using our new tools. Indeed, our Media Buy team has been using CrakRevenue 2.0 for a while now and the results that they’ve achieved by making the switch over to the new platform has been promising to say the least!

We hope that you, too, get the most out of these new reporting options.  

Good luck, everyone!

Reminder:  How does CrakRevenue’s 2.0 Beta launch affect you?

The platform that you are currently using will remain up and running and will be called CrakRevenue Legacy.

Therefore, you will still be able to use CrakRevenue Legacy until the official launch of the new platform planned for winter 2017.

However, a few features will be permanently transferred to CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta on October 18, 2016 and will therefore no longer be available in CrakRevenue Legacy, including:

  • Billing & Payment History info
  • Account/Profile modifications
  • Geomatik links
  • Referral links

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for more information about the CrakRevenue 2.0 beta transition.

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