CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta to launch tomorrow!

CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta to launch tomorrow!

CrakRevenue News

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Papa Whale


October 17, 2016


CrakRevenue News

CrakRevenue 2.0

Early access to CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta starts tomorrow! Here are the main questions you can ask yourself about the transition. Please refer to our Knowledge Base to get access to our complete FAQ sheet about the transition.

FAQ about CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta

What is this CrakRevenue 2.0 beta version?

Over the past year, we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create a better CrakRevenue.  

A more advanced, more state-of-the-art platform.

CrakRevenue 2.0 beta is our early stage of the new CrakRevenue platform that we plan to officially launch in winter of 2017.

What are the benefits of switching to CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta?

  • More Offers: Gain access to hundreds of new offers and customized tours & landing pages.
  • Self-Service: Create your own postbacks, create & manage more trackers, and find everything you need in our advanced Knowledge Base.
  • Better Reporting: Take advantage of more detailed stats and analyze your data in a more intuitive way.  
  • Mobile Friendly: View your stats with greater ease - anywhere and everywhere - thanks to our responsive platform.

Even more hot features & tools will be released in the coming months while we continue to tweak & improve this beta platform. Completion of the beta stage is expected in winter of 2017.

What is the current status of completion for CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta?

We estimate the platform to be at about 50% of its full development. More tools & features will be released before the official rollout and launch of the new platform, currently slated for winter of 2017.

Approximately how long will CrakRevenue 2.0 remain in “ ‘Beta’ Early Access”?

We expect CrakRevenue 2.0 to be out of beta and fully complete winter of 2017.

Will I still have access to the previous CrakRevenue platform during the transition to the new 2.0 one?

Yes, the old version of CrakRevenue will from this point forward be referred to as CrakRevenue Legacy.

The Legacy version of CrakRevenue will remain up and running during the whole transitional process and move towards CrakRevenue 2.0.  However, it’s important to note that some features will be permanently and immediately transferred to the new beta platform right away, such as:

  • Payment & Billing Information
  • Geomatik links
  • Referral links
  • The Edit Profile section

Once the beta stage ends, access to the previous CrakRevenue Legacy platform will be limited to consultatory purposes only.

What will CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta change for me as an affiliate?

Will I have to create another account?  

No, if you already had an existing CrakRevenue account, you do not need to create any other account to use CrakRevenue 2.0.

Your Account details & information will remain the same and will be automatically transferred to the new CrakRevenue 2.0 beta platform.  

You can log into the beta with the same login information that you use for CrakRevenue Legacy.

Will I have to re-add any information to my CR profile in CrakRevenue 2.0 beta?

No!  All of your existing CR profile information has been transferred from CrakRevenue Legacy to CrakRevenue 2.0 beta. However, it’s always good to double check your profile information just to make sure everything’s up-to-date and accurate for validation purposes.  

Will my payouts or rates be any different if I switch to beta?

You will continue to receive the same great high payouts in CrakRevenue 2.0 beta that you were receiving in CrakRevenue Legacy.

However, we already have some exclusive promotional payout bumps planned for those who transition to CrakRevenue 2.0 beta in the coming months!  

So with that said, there’s definitely more opportunities for higher specialized payouts in the near future (on a promotional basis) by making the switch over to CrakRevenue 2.0!

Will I have access to my previous stats & payment history in the beta?

Yes - Stats as far as your  income and commissions go (that you earned through CrakRevenue Legacy / your ‘old’ affiliate links ‘) will remain in the same place.

Once you switch to CrakRevenue 2.0 beta, however, only the Stats that you generate through the new/updated CR 2.0 beta links will appear in the CrakRevenue 2.0 beta platform.

Will my old affiliate links from the previous CrakRevenue platform (CrakRevenue Legacy) still work?

In short, yes!

During the CrakRevenue 2.0 beta phase, each and every affiliate link you've been using from the previous (CrakRevenue Legacy) platform will continue to work without issue.

However, since the 2.0 beta platform will eventually be the main CR platform (estimated to be completed in winter of 2017), it’s highly recommended you update your links to the new format as soon as you can.

Will the old CR affiliate links be redirected to the new CR 2.0 Beta links automatically?

No, previous/existing CrakRevenue Legacy affiliate links will not be redirected to the new link format.

Therefore, it is recommended that you update all your campaigns while logged into CrakRevenue 2.0 beta to obtain the new links for all your previous/existing campaigns.

Remember:  you have many months to update your links.

We’re giving you many months notice before the full transition to CrakRevenue 2.0 (which right now is currently expected to be complete sometime in winter of 2017).

As always, if you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at with any questions you may have!

See ya tomorrow on the beta!

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