CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta – All you need to get started!

CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta – All you need to get started!

CrakRevenue News

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Papa Whale


October 18, 2016


CrakRevenue News


Here’s how to get started in 3 easy steps:

1 - Verify Your Account Information (including payment information).

Everything in the previous CrakRevenue version—including all Account Details—has been transferred to CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta.

While we don’t anticipate any issues in the transfer of this information, we strongly recommend double checking your CR profile information (especially all your Account Details / Billing information) to make sure everything is correct and up-to-date.

To do so, click on Profile in the main menu. You will see 3 sections...

  • User Details: this contains your personal account details such as your name & address.
  • Billing Information: this is where you can edit things like your preferred Payment Method, etc.
  • Referrals: this shows the affiliates you have referred to CrakRevenue and your commissions earned.  Note: Your old referral links will continue to work! We've added a redirect to the old referral links so that there's no issue & so that they are still valid even with the new platform.

2 - Find the PERFECT OFFER for your traffic

On the heels of the release of CrakRevenue 2.0 beta, comes dozens & dozens of new exciting offers!

Meticulously chosen for their tremendous conversion-potential, these new offers represent the best of the best and the hottest verticals that the adult market currently has to offer, including:

  • Cams
  • Dating
  • Adult Paysites
  • Gaming Offers
  • Binary Options
  • Health Products
  • Surveys… and more!

3 - Get Your Links Up

Explore the offer sections and get your new CrakRevenue 2.0 affiliate links to stay up-to-date for everything that you’ve been promoting. You can begin updating your campaigns by visiting the «Browse/Search Offer» section for more information.

Want more details? Check out our Knowledge Base for more information about the CrakRevenue 2.0 beta transition!

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