Do you have what it takes to be one of our top affs this July?

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Stay at the top of your game sending traffic and generating leads and sales and you just might beat your last CrakRevenue affiliate network-wide ranking. Will you qualify for Active, VIP, or ELITE CLUB status this July when we announce the top leading affs…? Find out soon!

Remember CrakRevenue’s Affiliate Ranking roll out back in April? We sure do.

As summer arrives, so will our next official Ranking. If you ranked amongst the elites the last time, here’s your chance once again to assess your superiority! And if you were unsatisfied with your last position and ranking in the CrakRevenue scoreboard, well, now’s your chance to prove to yourself (and others) that you can do better!

And remember, with certain Ranks, comes certain prestige. Aside from that completely natural smugness that comes with the territory of knowing you’ve outranked the vast majority of affiliates and knowing you’re at the top — comes sweet, SWEET perks!

Let’s recap what you could be reaping…

Active affiliate

If you rank amongst this group, you have access to our help desk, as well as hundreds of top-converting offers. CrakRevenue’s award-winning help desk goes out of its way to help you become better and better, as well as building your autonomy.

VIP Affiliate

Once you reached this rank, you have officially made it as one of our top 200 best affiliates. By itself, this status is something you can be very proud of.

But this status also gives you access to exclusive offers and promotions, as well as your own Account Manager. Get ready to see your business grow exponentially!

Being in the tops 200 also qualifies you for a 3 day annual payout bump that you can reap WHENEVER you wish during the year.


We are at the top of the summit…

ELITE CLUB affiliates are affs in the top 50; the best of the best; la crème de la crème, and with such prestige, comes some very serious perks.

On top of all the great benefits that Active and VIP affiliates receive, ELITE Club affs get a one-month Referral Earnings Bump of 20%. Not too shabby if you’ve referred some Grade-A Whales, eh?!

Plus, a sweet Annual Bump comes with this elite status that you can opt to receive WHENEVER you wish – and it gets extended to 10 days. Use it wisely! And let’s not forget about the super special Christmas Gift we’ll be sending you around the holidays. Trust us, you won’t have any regrets unwrapping this one!

So with July right around the corner — we gotta ask — what are you waiting for…?

Send more traffic, and climb your way to the top!


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