The Whale’s Digest #2: Pride Month Opportunities

The Whale’s Digest #2: Pride Month Opportunities
Pride Month Marketing Opportunities for CrakRevenue Affiliates


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May 31, 2024



Greetings, CrakRevenue Affiliates! 👋

Welcome to this second issue of the Whale’s Digest. 💡 🐳

As you may guess, this one is intended to help you leverage one of the world’s most powerful social movements and events: Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

Below, you’ll find CrakRevenue’s best Pride Month marketing offers to promote this month (and beyond!), as well as our powerful tool shortlist to help you achieve maximum results.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 💪


Best Offers for Pride Month 🏷️

AI (New!) ⭐🦾

🏷️ 40% RevShare Lifetime - 175 geos

🏷️ 35% RevShare Lifetime - 6 geos (AU, CA, FR, DE, UK, US)

These groundbreaking AI affiliate offers invite users to create and interact with the virtual boyfriend or girlfriend of their dreams. Our multiple landing pages allow you to deliver what your traffic desires (male/female, realistic/anime). Be among the first CrakRevenue Affiliates to promote these promising, AI-powered services!

Cam 📹

🏷️ Jerkmate: $60 PPS (72 geos) - $5 PPL (72 geos) - 30% RevShare Lifetime (175 geos)

🏷️ TgirlsCams: $100 PPS - 249 geos

🏷️ SuperMen: $100 PPS - 249 geos

🏷️ Stripchat: $240.50 PPS - $3.50 PPL (DOI) - 16.25% RevShare Lifetime - 251 geos

🏷️ Chaturbate: 15% RevShare Lifetime - 251 geos

Pride Month means celebrating identities, fantasies and preferences. It also means a lot of people will seize the occasion to explore their fantasies, fetishes and kinks online with cam models of all genders and orientations.

In other words: 💸💸💸

To leverage this opportunity, you can choose among multiple Trans, Gay, Male and Men custom landing page options using these search terms in each offer’s landing page menu, as shown in the example below.

Pride Month Marketing Opportunity tutorial

Dating 💕

🏷️ Smartlink Gay: Multi-CPA - 250+ geos

🏷️ Manfinder: $5.22 PPL (SOI) - 36 geos

🏷️ Adult FriendFinder: $91 PPS - 24 geos - 6 Gay / Trans landing pages

🏷️ TransDate: $3.08 PPL (SOI) - 9 geos (AT, AU, CA, CH, DE, IE, NZ, UK, US)

🏷️ GaySexDates: $63 PPS - 219 geos

🏷️ FuckBook Trans (Desktop): $37.50 PPS - 29 geos

🏷️ FuckBook Gay (Desktop): $37.50 PPS - 29 geos

🏷️ FuckBook Gay (Mobile): $33.75 PPS - 29 geos

Pride Month also means meeting new people with similar interests and identities IRL.

In that spirit, here’s our curated list of the most attractive (and lucrative) Dating offers available to CrakRevenue Affiliates.

Explore them and select the one that best fits your traffic and payout preferences!

OnlyFans Models 🔓

🏷️ Taylor Femboy: 35% RevShare - 17 geos

🏷️ Stella Wilson: 30% RevShare - 27 geos

🏷️ Carmina Khourmy: 30% RevShare - 17 geos

👀 And more to come!

Why not seduce part of your traffic with some of today’s hottest transgender OnlyFans Models? 🔥

Make users subscribe to these free or low-cost OF profiles, where they can access loads of exclusive content, and watch the dollars roll in! 🤑

You can find these offers in the OFFERS section of the CrakRevenue dashboard’s menu. You can also click on Dating or AI for example, to filter the offers of a specific vertical:

And to ensure you make the most of Pride Month… 👇

Handy Tools for the Occasion 🧰

🔧 Pre-Recorded Chat Head: A discreet and non-invasive widget that ensures a smooth user experience on your website. A chat bubble shows a pre-recorded preview of a top-converting Cam or AI model. Users can click the bubble to open the notification and join the chat room instantly.

🔧 Postitial Ads: A powerful and innovative digital ad tool that is shown to your users between two web pages after they’ve clicked on a link. Unlike Prestitial ads, Postitial ads are displayed after the user engages with the content, maximizing visibility without disrupting the experience.

🔧 Banner Ads: Need banners that convert? We’ve got you covered! We generate more than 10k custom & tested creatives per year! Check out the Trending banners tab on our top offers for top-performing creatives (AI-powered).

You can learn more about all our affiliate promotion tools here.

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you for reading this issue of The Whale’s Digest! 💡🐳

We hope these insights will help you achieve greater results this Pride Month. 🏳️‍🌈

Stay tuned for the next issue!


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