Discover Our Latest Promo Tools: Prestitial & Postitial Ads

Discover Our Latest Promo Tools: Prestitial & Postitial Ads


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August 10, 2023



Webmasters, get ready to have your minds blown because we’re not done amazing you guys!

What did we do this time? Oh, not much! We only came up with two new ad tools that are as subtle as they are efficient: Prestitials and Postitials ads


These tools share the same goal: improving user engagement and capturing user attention without disrupting the web browsing experience. How are these two tools different? Each ad tool is shown over your content and appears at different moments of the browsing experience, which gives you more options to convert your traffic.

In this blog post, we tell you what prestitials and postitials do, how they work, and how they can upscale your next campaigns. So, read on. This info is worth quite a few more conversions!

Prestitial Ads

Prestitial ads are attention-grabbing ads shown to users on a website before they can access the main content. To maximize visibility, they’re displayed over a part of the screen while the rest of the page is grayed out. 

The objective of Prestitial ads is to get users to engage with an offer right before they start viewing the main content. They’re hard to miss and unobtrusive since they don’t interrupt your users’ experience on your website.

Advantages of Prestitial Ads 

Like most ad tools, Prestitials are used to create awareness, generate interest, and drive conversions. But they come with many advantages:

  • Higher ad visibility: Increase your offer’s visibility with an attention-grabbing tool.
  • Improved message delivery: Deliver the message before the user engages with the content.
  • Higher engagement potential: Engage users at the very beginning of their browsing experience on your website.
  • Targeted advertising: Customize and target your ad based on user demographics, behavior, or contextual factors.
  • Creative freedom:  Unleash your creativity and experiment with visually appealing advertisements with interactive elements. You can also modify the format and the ad placement for better results.

Plus, with Prestitials, you can choose from many pre-selected landing pages with formats compatible with this tool.



Postitial Ads

Postitial ads appear after the user clicks on a link for a page change and before the new content is shown. Like Prestitials, they take a portion of the page while the rest of the browser is grayed out. And users have the option of engaging with the offer or dismissing it to continue to the next page.

What are Postitials used for? Their objective is to grab the user's attention between two pages, making them more likely to engage with the ad.

Advantages of Postitial Ads

By appearing at transitional moments when users are browsing, Postitials become key marketing strategies for affiliates. Not only do they introduce related products or services that align with users' interests, but they also facilitate user engagement with an ad at the best timing and placement possible. On top of that, Postitial ads provide:

  • Increased visibility and attention: Postitial ads are displayed in medium or small sizes while the rest of the page is grayed out to maximize conversion opportunities.
  • User experience: When chosen and placed carefully, postitial ads can improve the overall user experience with relevant, engaging content as opposed to interruptive ads.
  • Higher conversion rates: With great timing and relevance to your content, postitials often have higher conversion rates compared to traditional ads. Users are more likely to be receptive to ads between pages and convert when they’re not interrupted.

FYI, the landing pages from most of our offers can be used with postitial ads. Take a moment to test them beforehand to make sure your landings look good and are shown without any hiccups.

What the Numbers Say about Postitials

Want to get a sneak peek at some actual data?

When we beta-tested our new postitial ad tool with a few selected affiliates, it really changed the game. With the Postitial ads, we noticed a big boost in daily conversions for one of them. Before the implementation of this tool in his campaign, this affiliate averaged up to about 8 daily conversions. With this new tool, this affiliate skyrocketed his conversions to an average daily increase of 175%. This increase in conversions was worth thousands of dollars in extra monthly income for one affiliate during one month compared to his prior months of only using pre-rolls and banners.

What's even more fascinating is that the vast majority of these conversions can be directly attributed to the new ad tool. The data speaks for itself: Postitial ads are amazing for affiliate campaigns! If you’re in for business growth and results, this is your new promo tool!



How to Use Our New Ad Tools on CrakRevenue

As of now, Prestitials are only available on Jerkmate offers, but Postitials can be used with every CrakRevenue offer. To start promoting with these tools, go to your affiliate portal, pick an offer, and scroll down until you reach the Ad Tools section, where you will see the added promo tools.

 If you’re already approved to promote a given offer, you won’t have to submit any other requests for approval. Simply adjust the settings (ad width, height, animation, and placement) to set up your campaign, and you’re good to go! And make sure you test and optimize your ads with different settings to see which ones bring in the most conversions!

For the most part, yes! But if you stick around for two more minutes, we’ll tell you how to use them in your marketing campaigns.

Integrating these Ad Tools in your Marketing Campaigns

Developed specifically for webmasters, our prestitial and postitial ad tools give you a strategic edge to upscale your marketing campaigns. Integrating these ads seamlessly into your website's architecture is a breeze. First, you get your script code from the CrakRevenue platform. Second, easy yet crucial, you incorporate it into your website's existing codebase

How you integrate your ad’s script code depends on your website's unique tech specs and setup. For instance, if your web host is WordPress, we recommend leveraging a file editor to gain access and modify a php file with universal loading across all pages, such as header.php or footer.php. 

The script code is equally effective whether it’s added to the home page, the header, or the footer of the web page. For a comprehensive, custom guide created for your specific content management system (CMS) or framework, make sure you consult the platform’s knowledge base. It’s the best way to make the most out of your prestitial and postitial ads and maximize your campaign’s potential.

A Few Tips for Even More Conversions

  • Make sure your ad is relevant to your content and matches your users' interests.
  • Have an easy-to-find option to dismiss or skip the ad, so your users can return to the main content quickly. Luckily, the default values for both ad tools already provide you with the option.
  • Use the expireDays value to adjust the frequency to limit the number of times one user will see your ad. That way, you make sure access to your content remains a priority.

Now that’s it! You know as much as we do about Prestitial and Postitialt ads. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do for your campaigns. And don’t forget, if you want custom advice to boost your conversion rate, don’t hesitate to contact our team!


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