Draw in conversions with the perfect call-to-action

Draw in conversions with the perfect call-to-action

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


May 8, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that a single word can boost your click-through-rate (CTR) up to nearly 40%?

How can a few single words be… so powerful?

In the affiliate marketing realm of things, this would be a fairly normal question to find oneself pondering, we imagine.

So few words.. yet each word carries dangerous weight.

Also, the fact remains: your headline AND your call to action are the only TWO THINGS that you can be certain of, that all your traffic that converts, actually reads.

Turning traffic into sales is an endless challenge that is made possible—or at least begins—with a great call-to-action.

Which begs the other question:  are your current CTAs delivering?

Let’s explore a few simple tips, that if applied successfully, could translate into an immediate rise in conversions so you ultimately make more money!

#1 – Be Clear and Specific

If you want your visitors to fill out a form, tell them to ‘Register Here.’ If you want them to follow a link, tell them to ‘Click Here’. Tell them exactly what they need to do.

However in 2019, many companies continue to realize the best call to action phrases are ones that are brief and ones that utilize strong verbs, at the end of the day.

That said, to go beyond the click here or register here linking basics, clear and specific CTAs would also fall under these examples:

  • Join the community
  • Get laid now
  • Discover better hookups
  • Find your next hookup
  • Book your next adventure

And on the flip side of that CTA … on the other side of your link ... always ensure that the content you’re linking your traffic to aligns with what you promised. Deceitful tactics won’t pay in the long run.

#2 – Visibility is Key

Most of the people that land on your site won’t scroll down to find hidden content.

Make sure that you make good use of everything located above the fold by strategically placing rich content here. You’ll always have enough space elsewhere to place those big logos and additional rows of media.

Use prime space for what really matters: making money!

#3 – Speak with Authority

Tell people what you want them to do, and do so with confidence and authority.

Avoid over complicated wording that has people “wondering if…”

Don’t let them go there. Nip any potential hesitation in the bud right from the start!

Heck, even a feeling of urgency can drastically improve results!

Try A/B testing your CTA by adding the words “NOW” and “IMMEDIATE”. These little add-ons can make a big difference. We’ve observed as much as 20% more clicks in cases where we’ve used these word selections.

Just try not to overdo it … or things start looking like a bad infomercial.

Crazy what a few little words can do, eh?  In marketing, the devil’s in the details.

#4 – Restrict the options

Don’t paralyze your visitors with too many choices!

If you have the options:

  • Sign Up Now
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Watch Live Girls Today

...all within 3 inches’ of screen space, you might discover none of these CTAs are being clicked.

This is because your visitor is as confused as you are. In a world full of options… send your visitors forward on the path you most ideally would prefer them to take. Don’t overwhelm them!  

Pick your focus and people will follow.

The more focused your CTA, the better your results.

#5 – Make it big and obvious, yet simple and effective

A call-to-action is rarely “too big. At the end of the day, at least people will see it.

In fact, it’s much better than the alternative—having a CTA that visitors barely notice. So when in doubt, bigger is usually better.

Distinguish your stellarly simple call-to-action from the rest of your site by contrasting colors to give it that distinctive look that makes it worthy of capturing clicks!

#6 – Add Value or Benefits

Add value to your CTAs by featuring the advantages to be had.  

What is the user's gain here?

For example, don’t hesitate to add words like “Get”, “Free” or “Save XX%” within a CTA: these spotlight major benefits and tend to increase the CTR.  

Be mindful, though! These benefits should always stay relevant to context.

In other words, don’t highlight additional benefits at the cost of losing the clarity of your main message. For example, “Get Free Access” might not be as effective as “Read more” if you are using your CTA as your primary source of driving traffic to an informative landing...

CTAs Copies That Have Proven to Convert

Even if your CTAs have to remain simple, keep in mind that their length is not a key factor in their effectiveness. For instance, a shorter CTA can generate less conversions than a longer one.

In this regard, here are some basic examples of effective CTA optimizations:

CTAOptimized CTA
Create AccountCreate Your Account Today - Save 50%
Get AccessClick Here & Get your Free Access
VOTE!Vote Now & Get a Reward
DownloadGet the full video for free
See MoreAccess all the pictures here for Free!
SignupClick here to signup

Let these CTA examples serve as inspiration to you and how you approach CTAs.

And remember that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to call-to-actions...

You should constantly be A/B testing your CTAs and tweaking them based on the data you’re receiving back. Learn from this data and make a whole lot of money!

You want people to See it, Read it and Click it

When you start to apply any of the initiatives above, you’ll soon start to think differently about the way you sell.

Your strategy will be greatly improved, if you can remember to do the following for each CTA

  • Use a few lines before your CTA to properly introduce the sale.
  • Sell by outlining the benefits to ease the decision making process for your visitor.
  • Use an old and controversial marketing technique: Play devil’s advocate.

Much against popular belief, playing devil’s advocate can actually go a long way in persuading on-the-fence visitors who end up seeing their concerns addressed before committing to making the purchase.

Something like  “You could be thinking that {insert negative assumption here}…  Here’s why it’s not true: {bullet list of positive proofs of value}” can work magic with apprehensive customers.

But in the end, don't lose sight on the quality of your call-to-actions — these little guys matter and carry tremendous weight in serving as the initial launchpad to your links and campaigns.

And that—that is something that should never be neglected or ignored.

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