How to Access Private Affiliate Offers?

How to Access Private Affiliate Offers?

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May 15, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

If you are a CrakRevenue affiliate, you might have noticed at some point that some of our offers are private.

What a bummer this can be when that happens…

Rest assured, there’s no need to start sweatin’. There’s actually some pretty logical reasons for these restrictions and we’ll take a deeper look at them today.

In a nutshell, let’s just say that the main motivation behind private affiliate offers is for CPA networks to have greater control over the type of traffic that gets sent to advertisers.

It’s simple,

The better the traffic, the happier the advertiser.

The higher the payout, the richer you can be in the end.

So without further due, let’s take a look at so-called “private” affiliate offers…

Why Are Some Affiliate Offers Private?

There can be plenty of reasons why an offer is set to private, but here are the most common ones.

They Are Capped

This means that the advertiser has restrictions regarding the volume of conversions he or she may be willing to pay out on...

In order to keep the advertising budget in line with promotional and marketing goals, Advertisers predetermine how much the leads are worth to them — and how many they’re going to continue to pay for.

These restrictions can be set per day, per week, per month or even annually.

However, all extra conversions made on this particular offer wouldn’t be paid by the advertiser.

In a case like this, our role as a CPA network would be to restrain access to these said offers to ensure that all of the provider's (advertisers) expectations are being met.

Imagine if these were open to every affiliate : the cap would be reached within minutes and every following conversion wouldn’t be paid!

They Are Reserved for Top Affiliates

Many of our private offers are reserved for experienced affiliates—pretty much anyone at the top of their game.. in knowledge, or traffic! We like to call these our VIP offers.  

In some cases, you’ll discover HQ (high quality) versions of the same offer exist … and then there’s ones with the ‘LQ’ labeling—used in reference to traffic type or traffic tier (for example, T3 traffic would be considered waaay less in quality than that of its T1 traffic counterpart (US/CA/GB, etc).

For example, an HQ or Gold offer provided by an Affiliate Manager at CrakRevenue would of course likely come with a higher payout, but you can bet the traffic expectation out of the affiliate is going to be that much greater. Crap traffic will get you the boot, and it will get you it FAST!

At the end of the day, private offers are open to affiliates with the most qualified traffic for that specific offer at hand — and if they’re able to convey that during the private offer request.

They Haven’t Been Tested yet

Every so often, we'll get approached by new Advertisers that we're not too familiar with or have never heard of before.

If their offer seems interesting enough, we might want to test it with our in-house Media Buying team, or with a select number of affiliates to assess their performance before opening this offer up to everybody.

They Are Reserved for Specific Mediums (Like Mailing)

As you can see on each offer page, the vast majority of our affiliate offers at CrakRevenue have restrictions.

Most of the time, at least one of these restrictions will be related to the promotion methods.

Indeed, some promotion methods can be detrimental to the advertiser’s brand and/or simply too tricky to master.

A good example of the latter would be email marketing.

Mastering mailing requires a little more knowledge than just writing an email or two.

To create a legit campaign, a good mailer should have his or her own mailing list and respect every aspect of the CAN SPAM ACT (just to throw out a good starting point).

Therefore, we keep most of our affiliate offers dedicated to mailing promotion private to ensure that these guidelines are respected and not abused.

How Can I Get Access to a Private Offer?

Answer ALL the Questions

The first and most direct method to gain access to an offer is to click on the “Request Approval” button on the offer page and answer the questions on the form.

Now, the way you answer these questions is key to Offer approval.

Too often we see answers like : give me access please or just random numbers.

The bare minimum requires providing some basic information about the type of traffic and the traffic source(s) you plan to use for this offer promotion.

Provide Some Real Information

Put your money where your mouth is!

Don’t hesitate to provide links to screenshots, traffic stats or other things that will ultimately help you achieve your desired goal... private offer unlocking status!

Provide Information About Your Experience with Similar Offers

If you’ve already been successful with similar offers, tell us (even if from another CPA network or Advertiser).

We’ll be way more inclined to grant you access right away and provide you with the support you need while you try going two for two at repeating this same success!

Ask your Affiliate Manager Directly

Last but not least, there's always the ol' fashioned route one can go—having a discussion with one of our dedicated Affiliate Managers for private offer access, if you happen to have one assigned.

They’re there for this reason! Be sure to provide plenty of info about your campaigns and campaign objectives, if you do reach out.

Who knows? He or she might just point you towards an even more lucrative exclusive private offer that you had no idea about!

Good luck!

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