Dynamic Surveys: Identifying the Most Lucrative Traffic Sources

Dynamic Surveys: Identifying the Most Lucrative Traffic Sources

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December 12, 2018


Affiliate Marketing

Back in September, we sang the praises of our custom, homemade tool for affiliates called dynamic surveys.

Your traditional run-of-the-mill survey is a fun interactive tool, but we felt like it wasn’t quite there… yet. The conversion funnel, divided into 4 steps—attract, engage, convert and nurture—needed a bit more polish when it came to the converting part.

We ended up taking into account user choices made throughout the survey to show relevant offers. For instance, if someone clearly has a kink for lesbian stuff, we’d react accordingly by displaying some of Crak’s heaviest hitters in that category -- like StepLesbians (that’s a link to the offer, not the content, BTW).

OK, we’re getting a little carried away here. Today what we have in store for you is a complete analysis of the best traffic sources using dynamic surveys. If you were ever on the fence about using this incredible tool, hopefully this serves as both an eye-opener and the swift kick into gear you’ve been looking for.

Disclaimer: there’s going to be a lot of numbers and stats as you continue reading, so fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight.

How does ethnicity play out with dynamic surveys?

One of the questions we ask with the dynamic survey is “I am mostly attracted by…

Answers are enlightening for a number of reasons: we get to better understand how users think and can adapt accordingly with our algorithm.

In our testing, we found out users had the hots for their own ethnicity. If you’ve been following popular culture, you might think that opposites come together, while in truth psychological studies have proven it’s the other way around.

We’re attracted by people who look just like us. Call it familiar or even comforting, that’s how we roll as a species. For instance, our data demonstrated how white men overwhelmingly clicked on “white” for their attraction preference—with a whoopin’ 77.08% majority. To further prove our point using the same sampling, other choices were way behind: Asian (7.22%), Latino (6.22%), Black (4.85%) and finally Arab (1.02%).     

It’s not as cut-and-dried for other ethnicities, but the point stands. For example, users who identified themselves as black men seemed more attracted by whites (40.49%) rather than other Blacks (34.05%). Arab men also tend to have a thing for white people (40.26%) vs. other Arabs (32.18%). Though you can see how it’s a very, very close difference.

What about women? Data from our dynamic surveys told us they’re even more attracted by the ethnicity that mirrors theirs: White-White (74.58%), Black-Black (48.69%), Asian-Asian (48.54%), Latino-Latino (42.8%) and Arab-Arab (48.66%). That’s an even more convincing argument that we’re looking for similarities. It goes as far as DNA identity, something that is deeply ingrained into our way of life according to research.

We also found out “white” is our most valuable client ($ per click). This category accounts for the bulk (57%) of our clicks and revenue (77%) with a 1.35 ratio.

Some more rapid-fire stats to feed on:

  • White+VOD/Cam is a great combo with high ratios, White+Latino in Dating should be on your radar
  • Latino+Black/White/Other in VOD has a lot of potential, same with Latino+Latino in Cam and Latino+White in Dating
  • Black+Black in Cam/Dating is hot
  • Asian+White in VOD is on the rise
  • Other+Other: we’ve got work to do, but there’s definitely a market for it

Dynamic surveys: pinpointing where cheaters foster since day one

Having access to heaps of data data lets you see the world through different lenses. In that sense, dynamic surveys deliver a new vision. One that is backed up by objective truths and not your own biases.

If you’ve been wondering where people cheat the most on their significant other, this is an eye-opening list.

A savvy affiliate might even see this as an opportunity to push hook-up offers in such GEOs to grant these...raunchy wishes.

Top 5 countries where users answered “yes” to having cheated at some point, notwithstanding genre:

  • Kenya: 63.36% (131 answers)
  • South Africa: 50.96% (208 answers)
  • Ecuador: 48.3% (294 answers)
  • Ukraine: 48.12% (133 answers)
  • United Kingdom: 47.83% (46 answers)

Dynamic Surveys’ revenues based on traffic by age and sex

Which are the most profitable combinations for dynamic surveys? Here’s more answers for you:

  • Men 45-54: 1.75 ratio (17% of Dynamic Surveys’ revenue for 10% of clicks)
  • Men 25-34: 1.41 ratio
  • Men 35-44 and Men 55-64: 1.24 ratio
  • Men 65+: 0.93 ratio
  • Men 18-24: 0.86 ratio

Dynamic Surveys’ revenues based on traffic per vertical

Here’s the same exercise, this time adding a new dimension to the equation: most lucrative vertical for dynamic surveys.

  • Men 45-54 Cam : 2.41 ratio
  • Men 45-54 VOD : 2.13 ratio
  • Men 25-34 Dating : 2.04 ratio
  • Men 45-54 Dating : 1.97 ratio
  • Men 35-44 Dating : 1.89 ratio
  • Men 55-64 VOD : 1.82 ratio
  • Men 25-34 Cam : 1.67 ratio
  • Men 25-34 VOD : 1.63 ratio
  • Men 35-44 Cam : 1.56 ratio
  • Men 65+ Cam : 1.50 ratio
  • Men 55-64 Cam : 1.48 ratio
  • Men 35-44 VOD : 1.47 ratio
  • Men 65+ Dating : 1.19 ratio

End of transmission

Do you feel better equipped to use our dynamic surveys now that we’ve shared mountains of valuable information about what works?

Feel free to share your experience, questions and thoughts in the comments below. Till next time, have fun making money online and try to beat your November earnings as part of our December mega challenge!

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