Cam Insights Part II: How to enhance user spending with SlutRoulette

Cam Insights Part II: How to enhance user spending with SlutRoulette

Affiliate Marketing

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November 21, 2018


Affiliate Marketing

Not too long ago, we shared interesting intel about MyFreeCams which, if you didn’t know already, is part of our growing list of exclusive offers here at CrakRevenue.

As leaders in the industry, we feel it’s our duty to share interesting stats and insights about the inner workings of this amazing vertical whenever possible. Today we’re glad to be back for more, this time with another huge hit: SlutRoulette.

Why would one choose SlutRoulette's affiliate program instead of another White label from Streamate?

As a matter of fact, SlutRoulette is our most advanced white label from Streamate—a private adult camming site that pioneered high definition (HD) shows and interactive full screen videos. Since 2014, we've tallied up around 1.5 billion clicks on this lucrative offer.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you might be wondering why you’d choose SlutRoulette over creating your own white label. For starters, a quick glance at their affiliate program will reveal only two payout types: pay per sale (PPS) and RevShare Lifetime.

If you want access to generous pay per lead (PPL) payouts, you need our help. Considering we’ve just bumped the payouts, that’s a delightful offer right there. For a limited time and because we think you’re awesome, you can expect up to $10 PPL (DOI) Desktop and up to $8 PPL (DOI) Mobile. Holy smokes!

But really, it’s not just about payouts either. We invest a lot of manpower into creating the ultimate conversion machine you know as SlutRoulette. The concept behind such a good offer—users are matched with random cam models and can spend money for special requests— is only the beginning.

To glue it all together and create a killer cam offer, we had to scrutinize heaps of data and optimize a lot.

Using User Spending Statistics to Optimize SlutRoulette Funnels

We’ve monitored user spending on all of our Streamate white labels from May 2017 to April 2018 (12 months) and the results were very enlightening.

First, we discovered that 88% of user spending came from 5 countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia and France.

We further broke it down to the most profitable user activities on cam sites like SlutRoulette. Paid chat came out on top with around 60% of user spending, followed by exclusive paid chat close to 26%, gold at 10% and exclusive block near 3%.

Yes, 85% of spending was attributed to chat activity!

See where this is going?

With the help of our newfound data, we've included chat into some of our landing pages for SlutRoulette.

As you can bet, we've put a big focus on this feature seeing how it's the most popular one, which sometimes takes as much as half of the screen on the landing page and effectively acts as an incentive to create an account.

Our data also revealed that Desktop was still the platform of choice for user spending, which isn’t really surprising when you take into account how awkward it is to type on mobile devices (plus the smaller screen really doesn’t help).

In fact, out of 13,889 users, the bulk of them —9,688 or 69.75%— spent money using Desktop, followed by mobile with 6,150 or 44.28%. There were even cases of user spending through console (0.85%) and Smart TV (0.12%)!

Sweeten the pot with SlutRoulette’s Command & Obey landing page

We’ve paid more than $25M (yes, millions!) in affiliate commissions over the past 8 years using only this particular white label. We’ve already shared what we believe are high impact reasons as to why this offer is the real deal, but there’s even more to be aware of so you can truly grasp how great SlutRoulette is.

  • It’s user-friendly and allows for quick login using Google Signup to maximize accessibility
  • It’s banking on high engagement and interactivity, two strong marketing vectors
  • It’s entirely real - no hidden fees and cam models are live

Lastly, we’ve launched a brand new landing page for SlutRoulette to raise awareness about token spending toward cam models.

The goal here wasn’t just to give a glimpse of what a user can ask for in a private show. It was also about creating a highly optimized conversion funnel aimed at enhancing user spending using the knowledge we’ve gathered with our stats.

Specifically, the Command & Obey landing page has been a true revelation.

Here’s why:

  • A total of ~11 million clicks since launch
  • More than $400 million in affiliate commissions
  • Average EPC ranging from $0.025 to $0.074

Bottom line

All in all, SlutRoulette is by far our best funnel in cam, complete with years of expertise behind the scenes to really help you snatch those coveted conversions.

White labels are generally underestimated and can really make a big difference for affiliates. We’ve seen how profitable they can be and wanted to share the wealth. By creating SlutRoulette, we’ve gone above the call of duty and included highly requested features such as (monster) payouts and landing pages to die for.

Next time you browse our extensive catalog of cam offers, be sure to give SlutRoulette a whirl! And witness how it just might be a game changer for you. As always, we optimize the heck out of it so you, the affiliate, can bring in more money.

Happy promoting!

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