Building affiliate’s trust: Timing and patience is key.

Building affiliate’s trust: Timing and patience is key.


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February 20, 2020



We recently put a huge like on a post by François Douville, one of our affiliate managers here at CrakRevenue, that reflects how we want to develop and strengthen our business partnerships long term. 

Here’s the original post, unscripted, unedited:

In affiliate marketing, winning is not always about filling our pockets.

For example, I have been partnered up with an affiliate for a few months now. Their team specializes in a certain vertical so they run similar offers. We could have stayed on this path for a while, but I tried something by asking them to promote an offer from a different vertical, so to speak.

I could have asked for this from the get-go, but sometimes good opportunities only manifest themselves later on. 

We know it all too well: affiliate marketing, and business in general, is not a sprint, but a marathon

Needless to say, they accepted to promote the offer I suggested because they respect us and want to strengthen our partnership.

For me, it's all about patience and timing these days.  

Aside from the payouts, what have you gained from your most recent opportunity?”

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