Social Media Advertising Part 3 – Reddit and Twitter

Social Media Advertising Part 3 – Reddit and Twitter

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Papa Whale


June 4, 2014


Social Media

Finding a social media platform that is both practical AND useful to affiliates and Webmasters of every kind has always been a daunting task, to say the least.

Believe us when we say we know them feels.

For an industry that has long been treated like the redheaded stepchild in this picky social media world-- Adult has finally found something to rejoice over.  We're about to cover a couple very open-minded, flexible, social media giants.

Some of you may know them as Reddit, and Twitter!

While these giants tend to favor and encourage paid advertising campaigns, we'll take a look at how a little hard work on your end can pay off, without breaking the bank to generate traffic.


Reddit’s the perfect mix of social networking, news, link sharing, and witty banter.  Its rise to become the “front page of the Internet” can be likened to a college campus dorm room.  In virtual form, in all its glory.

The Reddit community overall, consists of college-aged individuals sharing and commentating on various topics, humorous images, and links.

With more subreddits (sub-communities) than you can shake a stick at... this is something every webmaster can and SHOULD use to their advantage!

Advertising food for thought

Reddit paid advertising may look attractive on the surface. but is it?

When it comes to paid campaigns -- not always.  The effectiveness is just not there and it's not always the most worthwhile.  In fact, Reddit paid campaigns are verging on nonsensical!

For one, you don't necessarily have good insight into what your cost per impression is.  Therefore, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING!

Any day of the week, you can buy for any subreddit -- and you'll get a sponsored link at the top of the subreddit you've chosen.

However, again, you're going in there blind; it's difficult to know exactly what you're getting.

Case in point:  Reddit doesn't really tell you how many advertisers are advertising on the same page or how much these advertisers are bidding.

e.g.,  set the same budget for 3 different days of the week, and watch the cost per impression wildly fluctuate.  Huge differences like this are always best to avoid, especially when there are more efficient ways to spend your money with regard to campaigns.

Simply put, you don't have a good enough idea on the number of impressions you get for your money.


Advertisers Cost of advertising Number of impressions (over 100) Cost per impression


Advertisers Cost of advertising Number of impressions (over 100) Cost per impression
Your competitor$5050$1


Advertisers Cost of advertising Number of impressions (over 100) Cost per impression
Your competitor$15075$2

The information above is information that would be handy to know, but again, this info will generally be unknown to you.

On the flip side…

Reddit is still a force to be reckoned with.  Fear not, there’s still plenty of good to come from it.

Reddit will certainly deliver traffic if your submission and content is good, and hey, you'll even gain some backlinks in the process.  In other words, you want Reddit users to share your links.  This by itself, makes Reddit worthwhile.

Just don’t expect to get rich off of Reddit traffic alone. We've noticed Reddit traffic performs significantly lower when compared to other traffic sources; this boils down to lower engagement rates.

Instead of going gung-ho over trying to convert every Reddit hit into a sale, focus more on getting Reddit users to ‘share’ your content with others.

And how do you do that?

By submitting fantastic, engaging content!  We already covered how to drive traffic to your blog with reddit, so you already know that it's all about virality, and content is king.

We also talked about the subtle approach you can take by building a buffer between the social media site and a page you've created.

Picking the right subreddit for your submission is THE most important thing you can do on Reddit.  Excellent content will most certainly go to waste if you choose the wrong subreddit.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this WILL affect user-productivity and engagement rates.  Remain mindful!


Twitter’s a whole other beast.  Much like Reddit, Twitter also allows adult links to be tweeted out.  In fact, you’ll probably have the most freedom on Twitter out of the 3 social media giants combined (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter).

While Twitter also offers a paid advertising alternative-- sponsored ads via this platform are much more limiting (no adult) and it’s typically used by the larger mainstream companies with bigger advertising budgets.

As for content, it’s the same deal as Reddit.  Make it engaging, and people will share/tweet it.

As far as backlinks are concerned, you won't gain any on Twitter.  The main perk of Twitter for all intents and purposes is the ability to build a base, and then market to said base.

Twitter's 140 characters may be limiting, but thankfully you won't be limited in what you actually can promote.  Twitter knows no bounds!

Take social media by storm with this one foolproof tip

Trust us on this one, we’ve tested and re-tested ways to drive traffic through social media. As more and more affiliates take interest in this, we couldn't think of a better way to end this post than to share with our loyal readers, a foolproof method that WILL deliver.

Yes, great titles and choosing the right keywords will always be important, but far and away the most effective way to drive traffic and advertise anything on social media is to...

Make Lists!

  • 7 ways to make her want you
  • 6 of the biggest dicks of all time
  • 5 porn stars who turned out mainstream
  • 4 of the most beautiful asses ever
  • 3 type of cars that will help you get laid
  • 2 blow jobs that took a dramatic turn
  • 1 tip:  Making lists will bring you traffic. Guaranteed!

Put your thinkin' caps on ladies and gentlemen, and start figuring out what list YOU can make that is relevant to what you're trying to promote.

Once you get the hang of this simple but crafty-technique, you'll not only take the social media world by storm -- by advertising anything -- you'll be able to apply this technique to your business and all your future online campaigns.

With that said, you now know that Reddit may not be the best place to turn to for paid campaigns, but as far as free traffic and backlinks go, there's where the Reddit community shines.  Twitter, too, serves a practical purpose and is the place to turn to when you want to reach a loyal following without limitation.  Limitations live and die with your creativity.

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