The People Behind Adult Influencers Part II

The People Behind Adult Influencers Part II

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May 2, 2018


Social Media

In this second and final part of our “The People Behind Adult Influencers” series, we continue our inside look into the business of managing social media accounts in this industry.

To really put things into perspective, we’ve asked other studios to chime in on the subject and share their vision.


oasystech social media

Brandy Bax is Project Manager and Creative Director at OASysTech — a business focused on website design and marketing. For more than 20 years, their team has been hard at work delivering superior websites and SEO. Indeed, OASysTech offers the whole package in terms of search engine visibility and social popularity.

OASysTech did work on projects for the adult industry, so we’ve reached out to ask them the same question we’ve asked other studios:

What's your secret to a successful online presence?

Brandy was kind enough to provide us with the following answer:

“The secret is: commitment. This is also important for SEO. Social media is a long-term commitment of brand building, awareness and engagement. Very few can just 'wing it' and succeed; planning, strategy, analysis, testing and execution are all crucial.

The commitment is also about creating relevant, consistent, quality content. A consistent stream of relevant interesting posts delivered over time will have the most impact. For the adult industry, that means creating an ongoing stream of enticing news and great media content for users to consume.”

Noya Designs


Noya Designs is a Toronto-based digital marketing firm. Since May 2012, they’ve been leaving their own digital footprint by building websites, creating logos and editing videos (among many other things) for an impressive number of clients. Noya also offers a complete social media service, from account creation to content curation.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Sarah-Jane was kind enough to share what it takes to leave a lasting impression online.

“The secret to a successful online presence is authenticity and consistency. There are millions of people who do exactly what you do, who want online success, to see but the thing that you have that’s different than anyone else is yourself. The things that make you, you are what will make your online presence.

Gone are the days of portraying yourself one way on social media and living an alternate lifestyle. People can see through the smoke. Share your story, whether it's the story of your company, your brand, or yourself, be true with those you want to market to. They'll see your heart and connect with you.

A lot of the time people get caught up in creating the perfect piece of content that will shoot them to marketing success and make them an online sensation: that’s just not the case. Putting out content consistently, regardless of having it not be perfect, and improving as you progress is the only way you'll see success on your social media platforms and further.”

Sarah-Jane sums it with one simple rule: Done > Perfect. Don’t try to put on a show, but rather create content that speaks to your audience, that you can vouch for.

Bonus: A Word from a Performer

Even though this series cares about the people behind adult influencers, we wanted to know what an actual performer thinks of social media. Does it meet what others are saying? Here’s the answer from XXX talent Lexxi Luxe (Twitter, website):

“It's simple - stay active and engaged. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, and will go the extra mile for someone who has put energy and time into them as a human being.”

Yup, pretty much in line with what we’ve heard before!

Here’s a recap of the major points to keep in mind when managing your online empire...

Adult Social Media Management Done Right

  • Engagement is key in being successful
  • Be involved and care about your audience
  • Teamwork will get you far
  • Stay authentic
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Track your campaigns and adjust accordingly
  • Be patient and don’t expect to see real results before 12 to 18 months
  • Commit yourself: it won’t work unless you’re 100% into it

Adult Influencers: What Do You Think?

That’s it for our exclusive look at the people behind adult influencers.

We believe performers have everything to gain from successfully building trust and ramping up the user engagement. This is also true for affiliates, of course.

We’d like to hear what you think about managing social accounts & engaging with your following in this industry. Or maybe you’re a model who used such services? Comment away!

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