Why Isn’t My Traffic Converting?

Published by Papa Whale Webmaster

Why isn't my traffic converting? There are 6 simple questions you can ask yourself to help guide you to the path of more conversions!


Once you become an affiliate, there’s usually a long road ahead before making a living out of it.

First, you gotta have traffic — and if you don’t, you gotta know how to generate it.

This, generally speaking, can take time & money.

But let’s say you are naturally blessed with this beautiful thing called traffic; one of the most frustrating dilemmas a marketer can find himself having is having the traffic, but not having the conversions.

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” 

Antonio Banderas

While the quote above remains true, there’s usually an explanation for everything, and sometimes it’s just a matter of finding out what’s wrong before you can address & fix it.

Luckily for you, we have 6 simple questions that we think you should ask yourself to help direct your success in achieving more conversions.

Check ‘em out!  

1 – Is My Traffic Qualified?

First, and most importantly, you must determine if the traffic you’re working with is really seeking adult content.  

i.e., If you were in your visitor’s shoes and wound up on the same adult offer, is this something you would have expected to see—or better yet, something you wanted to see?

The worst thing you can do is promote something to an audience that is completely out of left field; If your traffic doesn’t have a predisposition to adult or x-rated content, you—or shall we say your conversions—are going to suffer.

So, when asking yourself whether your traffic is qualified or not, look at where this traffic is coming from…

Social Media

Social media traffic tends to be a little more mainstream-oriented by nature, which makes sense, since we know all too well how many of the big Social players feel about adult content.

That’s not to say Social sites can’t provide targeted users — because they certainly can and certainly do — but comparative to other traffic sources, Social tends to trail.

There’s no denying it: many marketers feel limited in the ways they can promote.

Because adult promotion in the Social atmosphere is so controlled and confined, this is yet another reason for less-than-stellar conversions.

Fortunately for all you Facebookers and Instagrammers out there — thinking outside the box never hurt anybody.


Many affiliates aren’t shy when it comes to incorporating backlinks.

Indeed, a good off-site SEO strategy would be incomplete without plenty of backlinks. Remember though… where you place these links matter.

Translation:  you know that family-friendly site or blog you started as a teenager?  Yeah.  Don’t start adding adult links to that just for the sake of achieving backlinks.  (Could you really blame anyone though for not following through on actions after clicking a link found on a Gift ideas for Grandmas blog?!  We hardly think so!)

Classified ads and Instant Messaging

These two sources may seem like a good idea to some, but the truth is, it’s not a wise approach, and we advise against it.

Classified Ad sites like Craigslist & traffic generated from Instant Messaging has never yielded great results when it comes to CPA offers; the fact is, these sources have always been viewed as “spammish” methods of promotion that we do not accept, and leads typically generated from methods like these usually don’t convert on the backend.

The good news is, you can still drive qualified traffic using backlinks by…

  • Commenting on sites with related content

(this includes any site/blog with subject matter closely related to yours)

  • Link trading with other Webmasters

(If other Webmasters are unwilling to link trade for free, negotiate a fair price!  The backlink opportunities are countless!)

Ad Network

Sure, qualified traffic can be obtained through an ad network, but remember, not all traffic types are equal, and therefore, not all traffic types can deliver the conversions.  

Ask yourself:  do you think blind traffic could ever outperform top-converting RON (Rotation on network) campaigns?  Highly unlikely.

Solid earnings can’t be had until one has developed a solid strategy of his her her own.

As a refresher,  here’s our widely circulated list of the most reputable Ad networks:

TrafficHaus,TrafficJunky, Traffic Force, TrafficFactory, JuicyAds, AdXpansion, ExoClick, PlugRush,EroAdvertising, Traffic Holder, CreamyAds, Etology, Plugz, and Star-Advertising to provide you with some good adult traffic.


Traffic still not converting?  Perhaps you should get your feet wet in some e-mail marketing.

After all, email marketing is one of the most targeted forms of Web marketing.

Indeed! If you wish to convert Mailing traffic without having to deal with all the great atrocities a Mailer often faces — learn to build that Legitimate Mailing List sooner rather than later.

Don’t delay… trust us on this one…

Spammer” & “Lifetime blacklist” labels can really put a damper on one’s mood!

Keywords (paid & organic)

Another way to drive traffic is to bet on keywords… but yet again, there’s no substitute for a good strategy. In the adult industry, choosing and banking on the right keywords is the fun, tricky part.

What will you shoot for?

Porn, XXX, Sex, Dating, Adult video…?

Despite your ambition and despite your choice, the cold hard truth is: you’re unlikely to ever rank first for any of these keywords in any search engine—there are just too many big players in the game with world renowned sites that will do whatever it takes to continue defending their top position.

Therefore, be creative… but not at any price!  

Give some love to very specific “niche site” keywords.

But most importantly, make sure to bet on keywords RELEVANT to what you’re trying to promote; time and time again, this has been the best way to generate conversions.

2 – Am I Promoting This Vertical Effectively?

While Surveys have held their own as a great way to generate new sources of revenue, the main adult verticals in the adult industry remains the same:


This is a vertical where geo-targeting is absolutely PARAMOUNT.

Think about it…

If a male from the US ends up on a landing and sees a woman from Kazakhstan ready to hook up — do you really think this gives him full confidence to register and/or sign up with a credit card to see more pics & enjoy full member benefits?!  Probably not.

Indeed, visitors to tend to search for dates who are living close to them and not on the other side of the planet. To avoid this hilariously embarrassing situation, ensure that all aspects of your campaigns are geo-targeted and functional when promoting Dating!


With the vast amounts of free content readily available on the web, this vertical tends to stand out and shine in the conversions department when you promote content that is not only high caliber, but niched.

Anyone can find your average, run-of-the-mill, “vanilla” sex video on any number of the established tubes.  But imagine this not quite cutting it for your average porn-goer.

Imagine this experienced, super-adventurous porn-goer wanting something a bit more out there, targeted… extreme… perhaps involving over-sized objects (and in HD). Sound familiar?  

When you promote a targeted product and show your visitor there’s plenty more where that came from, watch what happens.  

You might just see more conversions than you know what to do with!


Cams — arguably the most popular and most-promoted vertical in recent years — has typically seen the highest conversion ratios out of the bunch.  It’s actually quite unusual to see a long-term trend of an absence in conversions.

Conversions can be defined and counted as two things here…

  1. The conversion of a hit to a free, registered member on a free cam site
  2. The conversion of a free, registered member to that of a spending member on a free cam site

Typically speaking, most marketers who promote this niche thrive. Affiliates are paid for their leads because free membership is easy to obtain as the visitor only has to register with a free email (and confirm that it wasn’t a fake address entered).

Many creatives/landing pages do a good job at conveying the ease of becoming a free member.

But the big takeaway here is we actually see just as many spending users as well.  Free members have a front row seat to the chatrooms with the other spending members and they see how many people tip, how socially acceptable it is to tip after a good show, and most importantly, they see what they’re missing — or in other words — what not tipping gets them vs. actually tipping!

With the cam vertical, the most effective promotional takeaway here is to convey how simple and easy it is to become a free member. The awesome & amazing service they will be joining will do the rest… everything else will fall into place.

3 – Am I Promoting the Right Product?

Once you’ve assessed that the vertical isn’t the problem, it’s time to check if the offer you’re promoting has some restrictions that prevents you from generating conversions (and income).

…with the right GEOs?

Some providers don’t accept traffic from certain countries and – consequently – aren’t paying for the conversions generated from these countries. So make sure that your offer fits the traffic you’re sending.

…with the right niche?

Some verticals can offer a great variety of niche-specific landings:

e.g., ebony, couples, BBW, asian, blondes, teens, and so on.

Make sure that your creatives and campaigns go hand-in-hand with the niche-specific offers you’re trying to promote!

…with the right/allowed promotional method?

Some providers may restrict how an offer can be promoted.

Maybe you’ll find promoting an offer using Mailing traffic is prohibited?

Or on the flip side, networks and providers may also offer recommendations on the most effective and successful promotional methods (i.e., kind of like us at CrakRevenue saying our Survey offers perform best as a Popunder / in Pop traffic).

Always make sure that you’re complying, following the confines of a TOS, and keeping recommendations in mind when you’re fortunate enough to be presented with them!

4 – Is My Campaign Optimized?

This, my friends, is the icing on the cake.

Once you’ve qualified your traffic and chose the right vertical and offers to promote accordingly, the next step is making sure that your funnel is spot on.

The best way to achieve this?  A/B test your ads!

And find the winning formula that’s generating the most clicks & conversions.

5 – Do I Have Enough Traffic?  

Say you’re doing everything right … your campaigns are targeted … and your traffic is qualified.

Perhaps the problem lies in your traffic volume?

Indeed, some fully optimized campaigns can see around 1 lead per every 100 clicks.

Every campaign is different though, and you shouldn’t be alarmed if your ratios don’t mirror this.

The important thing to realize is you shouldn’t expect to generate a lot of conversions if you’re driving only a few dozen or few hundred visitors each month.  Remember folks, this is CPA, not PPC!

So if traffic is what you’re lacking, you’ll want to look more closely at Traffic Generation topics.

6 – Did I Consult an Affiliate Adviser?

Once you’ve reviewed all the points mentioned above and if you still haven’t determined what is causing your conversions to suffer, it’s time to contact a professional.

At CrakRevenue, we have an Affiliate Advisory team known for their eagle eye when it comes to analyzing stats. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re ever in a pickle!

Use Without Moderation

With this whole process as a guideline, you should be able to discover quite easily any hiccup that could be impacting your conversions.

Indeed, even the most successful affiliates never stop questioning their approach. Not becoming complacent is the best path to earning a whole lot of money!

  • Tipsplanet 24

    thanks for this post

  • Mike Dooley

    Conversions are still tough even with good traffic. I get 30k to 40k a day and conversions are still over 1/1000 – 1/2000 . Times have changed so a new way needs to be discovered. I started a adult blog using the models to promote the sites.. It caught on fast and gets a lot of hits but conversions are still low. My explanation is this. There is just too much free content out there in the form of tube sites and other free sites like Free Ones…..Plus there are a ton of free on line games that are taking a good chunk out of the traffic and credit card money for buying extra stuff to advance faster in these games. Conversions are only made from people looking for more of a specific niche they are into. Hard to read peoples minds from a work station…..

    • jig

      hey mike, do you mind to teach how to make adult blog for a newbie like me? 🙂

  • Wow, thanks for the list of traffic networks. Knew of most of them, but there’s a couple on that list I haven’t.

    Have to ask though, why wasn’t Plugz included? You’d think that would have been a nobrainer 😉

    • CrakRevenue

      You’re welcome!

      While we’re all about the Plugz — and while it sure can provide traffic — it’s technically not regarded as an “Ad network” so that’s why it wasn’t included on our list.

      But you’re right! Using Plugz is another great way to obtain traffic. 🙂

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