Landing Pages 101

Landing Pages 101


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Papa Whale


October 23, 2013



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In E-commerce, whether it’s mainstream or adult, landing pages are usually considered to be a vital part of the sales funnel. They’re your ultimate chance to convince visitors, to clearly demonstrate the advantages of the product you’re promoting and, most importantly, to get people to sign up for what you advertise.

And because they’re so important, we thought it’d be interesting to explore the topic and share some of our expertise on landing pages.

As CrakRevenue affiliates, you have the advantage of having access to some great tried and tested landing pages like Exposed Webcams and FreeCamsExposed. After experiencing their efficiency first hand, some of you might want to put your design skills to good use and start creating your own landing pages!

Better sales funnel? More targeted, more personalised campaigns?

Let's get started!

Part 1 - Clarifying the Concept of Landing Pages

Before you design or choose a landing page, It’s important to understand exactly what they are, what’s their purpose in a marketing strategy and what are the advantages of using them to improve the efficiency of your sales process.

What's a Landing Page?

Ok so what’s a landing page? It’s a page where a user is taken after he clicks on an advertisement.

Quick clarification: what we'll be calling a "Landing page" here refers to what's also known as a "Pre-Lander", or "Sales page".

The landing page usually comes before the user is taken to the advertiser’s main website homepage or signup form.

What's the Purpose of Landing Pages?

The landing page is an extension of the ad tool. For example, on a banner ad, you have a short message (text, image or both) that incites the visitor to click on it. The landing page is there to reinforce that message, to further inform and convince your visitor to ultimately complete an action.

If a visitor is taken directly to, let's say, the advertiser’s homepage, he gets to see the product but he has to figure out the advantages by himself. Internet users are impatient customers. If they can’t find what they want quickly, they don’t insist. They just bounce.

Why Use Landing Pages?

With a well-built landing page, you get to show your visitor what’s so great about the product you're promoting, why he should sign up and why he should give it a try. If this whole process appears simple enough to your customer, highlighting the benefits for him in an obvious way, you'll have reached your goal.

It goes even further. People can be somewhat on the defensive when it comes to trusting a new product or service, especially on the internet. Your goal is to take down their defensive wall one brick at a time, using purposely selected benefits and direct advantages.

If you succeed, your visitor will feel much better - or less preoccupied at the least - about moving forward and committing himself to your sales process.

So basically a landing page is there to sell.

And a good sales page aims to give more confidence to the visitor, crushing their apprehensions using your best "no risks, all benefits" copywriting.

Hey, you're on the web: you don’t get to talk to visitors. That’s why you need a good, effective, well written and designed, awesome landing page…

Because in a world where every hit counts, you don't have a second chance to throw your best sales pitch.

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