Landing Pages 101 – Part 3

Landing Pages 101 – Part 3


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Papa Whale


November 13, 2013



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Once you’ve carefully designed a conversion oriented, well structured landing page, it’s time to put it to work.

If you did a good job, you should see results pretty quickly. If your landing page is well adapted to your traffic and is a logical element of your whole strategy, you will see a boost in your conversions.

That’s nice...

But if you’re a whale you don’t stop there. The fact that your campaign’s performance improved thanks to a landing page should only motivate you more. You can make it even better. A little tweak here, a little tune up there can go a long way.

But how can you be sure that the upgrades you make to your landing page are really positive? You have to A/B test, of course!

A/B testing is a lot of work. If you’re going to do it, do it right...


Part 3 - Put Your Landing Pages to the Test

A/B testing is the most reliable and simplest way to compare the efficiency of different elements of a marketing campaign. For landing pages, it’s a great way to find out which version performs best.

But if you want to draw conclusive results from your tests, you should take a look the following advice:


Don’t Test Too Many Things at Once

One of the most frequent mistakes is to try to find the the most productive ad tools combination by testing everything at once.

You should divide your tests in order to avoid getting incorrect results. If you try to test everything at once, results will be hard to assess because they will be too diluted to be significant.

If you test different versions of a landing page, you should test it with the same banner, same traffic source, same ad spot, so you isolate only the landing page's variations.

Here’s an example for a webmaster:

Let's say you decide to run a 50000 impressions test over 3 days. If you test 5 banners and 5 landing pages at the same time, you will end up testing 25 different combinations that will only get 2000 impressions each.

With a small sample of impressions, it's harder to assess if the landing page is truly responsible for the increase in conversions or if it’s just luck.


If you want to run a quick and efficient test, use your most performant banner and match it with your different landing page versions. That way, each version of your landing page will have the same type of traffic and you will end up with more significant results to analyse.

Once you find the best version of your landing page, then you can test it with different banners in order to find the perfect match.

The key word here is "isolate". If you make a change to your landing page, you want to find out if that change is positive. The only way to know for sure is to isolate the element of improvement by testing the improved version against the original version. If you got other elements to test, they will have to wait their turn.


Every ad space is unique

Unfortunately there’s no magic formula in the world of advertisement. That’s why if you change your adspace, if you change your traffic source, if you make any kind of significant change to your marketing strategy, you’ll want to retest your ad tools.

If a version of your landing page worked well in a particular situation, it doesn’t mean it will work as well in a different situation. It also means that a less performant version might work much better in a different setting.


The CrakRevenue Advantage

Designing and testing a landing page seems like too much freakin' work?

CrakRevenue's there for you!

Every single ad tool that's available to our affiliates, whether it's a landing page or a banner, has been thoroughly tested over millions of hits!

So if you use any of our landing pages, you can expect to get the most out of your traffic right away, without having to spend countless hours designing, testing and upgrading.


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