Whale Hunting 2.0

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These days, it’s hard to open a can of tuna without feeling guilty. The thing is, there’s an easy way to help our friends under the sea and it doesn’t involve jumping on a plane and supporting a risky protest.


CrakRevenue gives you some compelling reasons to grow the whale family.

Wanna make more money? Of course you do…

You see, at CrakRevenue we’re always looking for new whales, people like you; motivated webmasters and media buyers who are looking to do serious business and earn substantial revenue. But those whales are somewhat hard to find, so we need whale hunters.

That’s why we have a rewarding affiliate referral program.. It’s a win-win-win situation: you help us find new affiliates, you help your friends work with the #1 adult CPA Network and we…make it worth your while.

The referral program is pretty simple: Get your referral link, find a friend who’s got some traffic to monetize, get him or her to sign up with CrakRevenue using your referral link and earn 5% of his income in commissions, for life!

Easy money

That’s right, for every affiliate that signs up to CrakRevenue with your referral link, you will automatically receive 5% of his income for as long as he is with CrakRevenue.

Let’s have a look at what that could mean in terms of $$$:

If the affiliate you referred makes $10 per day for a year, that means you will earn $180 for the year. Find 6 of these and you’ll be making an extra $1000 a year.

If you find a whale, someone who ends up making $500 per day for a year, that means you will earn over $9k for the year. That’s not too shabby for only needing to give your link out / having someone sign up under you!


Now of course, finding a whale doesn’t happen every day. But if you come up with and recruit a bunch of motivated individuals — you can really boost your earnings.

Get your link out there

First and foremost, you’ll need to locate your CrakRevenue referral link!

Visit your Profile in the main menu of CR 2.0 beta and then visit the Referrals section.

Here is where you’ll find your CrakRevenue 2.0 Referral link.

It will also show you the affiliates you have referred to CrakRevenue and your commissions earned.

Those of you who gave out your Referral link under the old format – CrakRevenue Legacy – will be pleased to know that we’ve added a redirect on these previous link formats and any visits to this link will still be valid and redirected to the new platform with you still getting the credit!

However, to ensure you’re using the latest links and platform, we still strongly recommend updating your old Referral links to the new 2.0 beta ones.

After you obtain your link, it helps to have a little bit of an idea on the best ways to get your Ref link out there.

You can give this link out directly to your friends, on forums, chat rooms, social media, or even your own website. The possibilities are endless!

But just like other aspects of affiliate marketing — be careful not to engage in spam.

So go ahead… get that referral link out there!!

We’ve already paid half a million $ in commissions with our referral program.

It’s time to get your share and increase your income today!

Get your referal link now!

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