The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide

Offers & Promotions

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Papa Whale


November 18, 2016


Offers & Promotions


The most profitable season of the year has only just barely begun.

And -- like every year since 1932 -- it kicks off the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US, known to all of us now as “Black Friday” -- the day of amazing DEALS!

Yep, it’s that legendary day where retailers & places of business make so much flippin’ money in one day -- that the sales alone from this one special day have been known to offset any negative (red) balance sheet losses and ultimately helps the company turn a profit (and go into the black) … as the old saying goes.

Black Friday, and the days leading up to it and after, are days where you just might EASILY see your revenues increase by 40% or more!

These kind of revenue jumps aren’t uncommon at all around this time of year for Affiliates pushing Adult offers.

So, in honor of all those ridiculously lucrative “Black Friday” deals and hype -- CrakRevenue’s got you covered as well!

We’re proud to present an ARSENAL of amazing offers, Ad tools, special promotional payouts, and even some special relevant ‘Black Friday’-themed tours & landers for you to start bankin’ with immediately!

Below are some of the special offers & promotional rates you can take part in enjoying and promoting... in honor of Black Friday:

  • Well Hello: Payout Bump - $45 PPS (starting Nov. 21); New Banners!
  • My Dirty Hobby: Payout Bump - $58 PPS & $2.70 DOI (starting Nov. 21); New Banners & Landers!
  • The Porn Survey: New Banners & Landers!
  • Slut Roulette: New Banners & Landers!
  • ImLive: Payout Bump - $170 PPS; New Banners & 10 free tokens for the user!
  • X-Cams: Payout Bump - $65 PPS
  • PunishTube: Payout Bump - $55 PPS ($60 PPS UK); New Banners & Landers!
  • Free Passport: Payout Bump - $40 PPS; New Banners & Landers!
  • Free Hookup Search: Payout Bump - $48.75 PPS Mobile (starting Nov. 21)

Note:  These offers & promotional Black Friday rates are only valid & available in the CR 2.0 beta platform.

Want more?

We've compiled some of our top in-house strategies from our very own team of marketing professionals and we're making them available to you right here on our blog.

The result? … CrakRevenue’s Ultimate Black Friday Guide!


Thinking about putting up some new banners on your site this weekend?

If so, be sure to use some of the new recommended Ad tools & Landers that we went ahead and prepared for you!

You can find these Offers & Ad tools by selecting “Black Friday” from the ‘Niche’ filter dropdown selection in CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta

As a matter of fact, using some of the provided relevant (Black Friday-themed) banners that we took the liberty of providing for you -- we really think you’ll see an increase in your Click-through-rates by as much as 30-40% assuming you feature these banners during the Black Friday weekend.

Or, if you prefer, you can always “pimp” out & modify your other favorite banners that may have worked best for you in the past and add a  “Black Friday” mention to them for greater relevance.

However, we do really recommend featuring an Offer that has a true Black Friday deal attached...

  • For example:  ImLive is offering 10 free tokens to every new member for a limited period of time, in addition to a special payout bump for you of a whopping $170 PPS which makes this an extra hard one to pass up!

Users of Social Media...

The Black Friday weekend is the perfect occasion to make the most out of social shout-outs.

WARNING! NEVER, EVER use your Featured post / Shoutout to promote an Adult offer directly. This is a huge no-no. It takes a lot of work and sometimes years to build a huge following and no one wants to see their account banned because of a mistake like this.Therefore - as is the case with social media - think outside the box and send your traffic to a dedicated landing page. For more information, refer to this post on social media shout outs.

If you have your own social media account, don’t hesitate to point your followers to an article that features the ‘best’ Black Friday offers (especially our special Black Friday offers that have a great funnel!).

Don’t have a social following?  That’s alright.  Again, you can always purchase Shoutouts from an established account (using the same strategy as outlined above..).

If you plan to make Instagram part of your overall marketing strategy, target accounts that have a high number of followers and solid engagement.

We suggest you shoot for accounts of at least 50K+ followers for greater reach.

Shoutout ‘styles’ and rates will vary from account to account.

A good starting offer that’s worked for members of our team is to ask for 3 posts per day, for 7 days, at a price range of anywhere between $150 - $250 for an account with excellent reach & numbers.  As always, other variables may come into play, but this is just to give you an idea of a ballpark for some of the account criteria we mentioned above.


Black Friday is a HUGE weekend in email marketing, no secret secret there.

In fact -- it’s such a highly competitive environment with emails going out left and right… the little guy / average email marketer almost doesn’t stand a chance.

Think about it:  Black Friday weekend is when all the major companies are competing with each other to send out all their “CAN’T MISS BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.”

In this bombarded, highly saturated Mailing environment, the best strategy is to target & segment your Mailing list more than ever.

For example:  If you’re a webmaster with your own Member Zone -- try focusing on targeting these users, if any.   But in all honesty and in other words, Black Friday weekend is not the best weekend to go all out.  It’s definitely not the time to be shooting for a larger than life campaign!

Media Buyers…

If you’ve been doing Media Buying for a while, assuming you’re not a novice, you probably realized by now that “Black Friday” targeted banners actually perform extraordinarily well every November.

You’ve probably even seen the 30-40% CTR increase we already alluded to.

So, it needs no mentioning that this time of the year is the ideal time to revamp some of those top spots and tweak some of those already excellent performing campaigns for even greater earning potential!

Remember, we have everything you need in CrakRevenue 2.0 Beta under the ‘Niche’ filter dropdown when you select Black Friday.

We highly recommend all Media Buyers take advantage of the excellent-performing Well Hello Dating offer!  On top of this being a top-converting offer for all Daring traffic, we think you’ll appreciate the corresponding pay bump in honor of Black Friday!

Make a Killing This Black Friday… CrakRevenue Style!

On a personal note, every member of the Crak team has put in his and her fair share of hours, in one way or another, working towards one common goal…

Making sure you have every tool available to prepare your campaigns for what is sure to become another annual Black Friday record weekend in not just mainstream retail - but for Adult traffic monetization as well!

So, now’s your time to shine & make an absolute killing on all that traffic surfin’ the web lookin’ to spend money… and hopefully get a great deal in the process.

And if you need more info or are in need of additional custom tools for that perfect Adult Black Friday campaign… just let us or your Affiliate Manager know!  We’ll see how we can help you keep those pockets of yours full!

May you all have a highly profitable post-Thanksgiving weekend!

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