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November 3, 2022


Affiliate Marketing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for these days’ best affiliate offers to launch or diversify your affiliate marketing business.

Well, making money online holds no secret to our CPA Network, nor does exploring new seas of opportunities.

Let us introduce you to our best newcomer affiliate programs and explore new audiences with mouth-watering commission rates!

You might be a few days of work away from finding your new money magnet!

Flaviar Affiliate Program (Offer 8482)

Payout: up to $37.50 PPS

GEOs: 13 (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, United Kingdom, United States)

Flaviar is a completely personalized online spirits subscription service that lets people try premium Spirits from the comfort of their homes.

Three membership options are available to help your traffic enjoy new things more often through tailored recommendations, curated and themed tasting boxes, full-size bottles at exclusive member prices, always selling-out whiskey advent calendars, offline/online events and live/on-demand virtual tasting sessions with Spirits experts. Members receive from 1 to 4 shipments per year.

Flaviar is a great match for predominantly male audiences aged between 25 and 54 and working in management, finance, computer science or marketing. Related drinking preferences are Scotch, Rum, Irish Whiskey, Gin and Bourbon.

Flaviar affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

Flaviar Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

Flaviar is the world’s largest premium spirits club that lets you try new and better things more often.

Members receive award-winning tasting boxes and full-size bottles delivered to their doorstep.

Members get access to 300+ small-batch, limited-edition and rare-find bottles at exclusive prices.

Free shipping on orders over $60.


eToro Affiliate Program

Payout: $280 PPS (T1) / $210 PPS (T2) / $70 PPS (US)

GEOs: 22 GEOs (Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lituania, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom) + United States

eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform and counts more than 25 million users worldwide.

eToro promoters can enjoy a top-notch conversion rate as eToro is a one-stop shop for all kinds of traders. The platform is always one step ahead with an ever-enhancing platform.

Traders and investors have access to more than 3K different financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, currencies and commodities.

US residents can enjoy the eToro platform to invest in Real-Crypto with a minimum deposit of as low as $10. Furthermore, US residents can enjoy a 10% special bonus when they deposit $100.

eToro affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

eToro Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

eToro is a world-leading social trading platform with more than 25 million users worldwide.

A multi-asset investment platform where users can connect, share and learn.

Traders and investors have access to 3K+ different financial assets.

You can trade and invest simply and easily from over 140 countries.

For this affiliate offer, please contact your affiliate manager.

CookUnity Affiliate Program (Offer 8500)

Payout: $30 PPS

GEOs: United States

CookUnity is a chef-to-customer platform offering meal kit delivery services to American consumers.

Their platform provides effortless meal options that balance nutrition and taste, delivered on a weekly basis. Customers can pick their meals from CookUnity’s rotating weekly menu, prepared by a collective of award-winning chefs with sustainably-sourced ingredients.

The meals are subdivided into 4 categories: East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Texas.

Their customized order of chef-crafted meals is then delivered to their door.

Each meal comes with simple instructions to heat, plate and enjoy.

CookUnity affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

CookUnity Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

CookUnity is a meal kit delivery service offering exceptional, easy and effortless meals.

The platform offers dozens of new, fresh and delicious dishes every week.

CookUnity uses the best ingredients & an innovative packaging for maximum freshness.

Customers can save 30% on their first week.


NXT LVL Gamer Shot Affiliate Program (Offer 8372)

Payout: $15 PPS

GEOs: United States

Takeover Industries, home of the NXT LVL™ brand, develops new beverage products using the latest in innovative fitness technology.

Over the last three decades, the company has played a significant role in the growth and expansion of performance sports drinks and beverages throughout the entire beverage industry.

NXT LVL Gamer Shot was scientifically formulated to deliver the ultimate kick of energy, mood and focus, not only to gamers but to anyone who needs a boost.

NXT LVL affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

NXT LVL Gamer Shot Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

The Gamer Shots are sugar and gluten-free.

They host a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and neuro-nutrients designed to help you reach peak mental performance levels.

This advanced formula helps remove the mental fog, sharpen focus, increase energy levels and enhance mood.

NXT LVL Gamer Shot is not just another energy drink: it’s a revolutionary way of delivering sustained energy over time with no crash.


Oranum Affiliate Program (Offer 8191)

Payout: $65 PPS*

GEOs: Worldwide

Oranum is the world’s largest online spiritual community with hundreds of psychics and spiritual advisors (multilingual).

Featuring some of the finest divination experts, Oranum has provided answers to over 1.5 million curious minds since its inception. The psychic industry is a highly profitable and unsaturated market.

Their services range from tarot and astrological readings to dream analyses, among others. Members can connect with Advisers through a multitude of ways, including live public or private readings, private audio calls, and private messaging.

Oranum affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

Oranum Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

Oranum is the world’s largest online spiritual community, with hundreds of psychics and advisors.

Over 1.5 million members have received answers through tarot cards, astrology, numerology readings and beyond.

Members get 10,000 free tokens upon complete subscription (credit card validation required).

*Get paid for each subscription with a validated credit card.

(Minimum purchase: $15.99 - The 3,700 coins package)


HIMS Affiliate Program (Offer 7446)

Payout: Multi-CPA

GEOs: United States

HIMS is a one-stop online wellness service offering consultation and FDA-approved products for issues guys may face such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction and acne.

Thanks to HIMS, men now have easier and affordable access to the prescriptions, products and medical advice they need without embarrassment. HIMS has a solid market reputation, great branding and a broad range of quality products for every issue men face.

HIMS is a trusted destination for sound medical guidance and both prescription & non-prescription solutions.

HIMS affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

HIMS Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

HIMS is a wellness brand that helps men be the best version of themselves.

It offers men access to high-quality products for issues all men face someday.

HIMS offers products at the most reasonable prices by offering generic equivalents to name-brand products.

There is no sign-up fee, and customers can chat with a licensed medical advisor and review treatment solutions when needed.


HERS Affiliate Program (Offer 7629)

Payout: Multi-CPA

GEOs: United States

You might’ve seen celebrities promoting this brand on their social media over the past few months.

Similar to HIMS, HERS is a one-stop telehealth service for women's wellness and care, providing treatment options for skincare, hair loss & more. Their acne treatment and anti-aging creams are their best-converting products.

This well-established brand offers high-quality products and multiple ways to convert your traffic, no matter their preferences.

Do you have a female audience to monetize? This offer is for you!

HERS affiliate program -- one of the best mainstream affiliate offers

HERS Affiliate Program - Key Selling Points

HERS is healthcare that feels like self-care, dedicated to women.

HERS offers premium products and access to individualized treatments.

Customers get quality support based on their specific needs.

There is no sign-up fee, and customers can start a free consultation right away.


Time to Make Money!

With all these new affiliate offers, we are confident you will take your game to the next level and reap serious rewards!

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