Success Story: Louis-Alexandre Dumas (CR) & Darren (CAN)

Success Story: Louis-Alexandre Dumas (CR) & Darren (CAN)

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Papa Whale


June 29, 2016


CrakRevenue News

CPA Affiliates Network

Like any great relationship, a truly successful one is built on communication and trust.  

And that same special relationship—between an Affiliate Manager and Affiliate—is no exception!

The relationship between these two entities is a partnership at the end of the day.  

The more one shares about his or her method of promotion—the more likely he or she is to be on the receiving end of helpful advice from their respective Adviser.  It’s a simple give and take; that’s all it takes sometimes to establish a lucrative rapport.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at a real CrakRevenue success story.  A successful partnership between a CrakRevenue affiliate and one of our very talented Account Managers.

Please meet Louis-Alexandre Dumas a.k.a. Alexxx (Sales Team leader, Dedicated Account Manager, and all around great dude) and Darren from CPA Affiliates Network (an affiliate of ours who’s been killin’ it!).

Who is Darren and what does he do?

CPA Affiliates Network

CPA Affiliates Network is a CPA network created and owned by Darren since 2012. This network has gained a loyal affiliate following thanks to its outstanding onboarding system made especially for exclusive CrakRevenue offers.

On the other hand, Darren and his CPA network have faced some obstacles along the way.  


Fraud detection...  

Problematic affiliates.

Half the battle for Darren was not only staying one step ahead of this type of activity … but proactively combating it.

We have to say: Darren’s seriousness and commitment to preventing affiliate fraud has even impressed us!

His network utilizes all of the latest reputable traffic screening and fraud monitoring services that we use ourselves at CrakRevenue—and Darren doesn’t stop short in ensuring that all precautions are set in place on all new affiliate-capping until he’s happy—and we’re happy (that the traffic is fraud free).

One thing that’s important to remember:  when one has problematic, unruly, abusive affiliates — affiliates who constantly push boundaries (and not in a good way) — this can cause great difficulties for a network.

Thankfully however, once we’ve verified a traffic's source as legitimate and worked to raise affiliate caps together (all while encouraging increased traffic) ... it then becomes an easy task spotting and removing affiliates whose traffic was fraudulent from the get-go (and those with traffic who simply did not meet the quality requirements).

How has Alexxx helped Darren?

Alexxx took Darren’s account under his wing in October 2015.

The always-knowledgeable CrakRevenue Account Manager began reviewing and analyzing Darren's stats on a near daily basis.

Almost instantaneously, Alexxx liked what he saw.

Darren was sending steady streams of traffic to CrakRevenue offers and he had an interest in how his traffic was performing on the whole.

Alexxx was able to provide Darren with weekly updates and detailed data on his affiliates at CPA Affiliates Network that helped Darren optimize his campaigns and kick things up a notch.

Whenever Darren had a question, he asked.

Whenever Alexxx noticed an untapped % of traffic being sent to a specific offer, he made suggestions.

With Darren’s traffic stats in mind, Alexxx has also been able to introduce Darren to the markets and products that are the best potential fit for his traffic, even lifting caps on the best performing offers on his qualified traffic.

And not only that, but each time Alexxx suspected something red flag-ish or fraudulent on the traffic side of things, Alexxx would get in touch with Darren and they worked together to find a solution

How profitable has this partnership been for Darren?

It’s been a lucrative one!

Much of the success of this partnership can be attributed to dynamic goal-setting and open lines of communication.

With any Affiliate / Account Manager relationship, comes a certain motivational element.  That's part of the beauty of it.  

If earnings aren't up to par or traffic numbers aren't where they should be, one of the most rewarding aspects is working together to meet that goal -- be it a pay bump, offer unlocking, you name it.

And this is certainly something Darren can attest to!  

By working with Alexxx every step of the way, Darren gained access to all of our most exclusive VIP Dating offers and had the opportunity to make these same offers available to his best affiliates!

At CrakRevenue, we have hundreds of offers in total — many of them privately available only on a case-by-case basis.  

Because Darren established a good enough rapport with Alexxx throughout the continued partnership, he was able to take advantage of these behind-the-scenes offers on more than one occasion!

"However successful you are, there is no substitute for a close relationship."

-- Francesca Annis

And that’s the success story of Darren and Alexxx.

When one has an affiliate just as receptive and transparent as someone like Darren—everything comes into harmony.

Trust is built, and that winning partnership soon follows.

All too often, we see affiliates working alone on their business strategies.  When this happens, huge opportunities can be missed.

We would like to thank Darren for not only his amazing business, but for his continued trust and his willingness to always work together.

When anyone can come to the table with an open mind — that’s something we greatly appreciate and respect!

If you think that your business is at the stage where it could benefit from the help of one of our skilled Affiliate Managers, please reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you (who knows, you might even be contacted by Alexxx himself!).

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