Grab the Perfect Adult Domain – Part 2

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We all want that memorable and brandable adult domain, but where does one look? We explore the leading sites and offer domain insight and negotiation tips.


When it comes to adult domains, we all want the best of the best: short & memorable names that we can brand.We daydream of names like the legendary, which sold for a staggering $13 million back in 2010.

But in a world where very few have tens of millions dollars to play with, even fewer have these crazy amounts to invest in a domain. Because of this one simple fact, would-be domain buyers ought to have their negotiation skills honed and ready, for that one domain-buying moment that just might be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Last week, we began talking about grabbing that perfect domain. This week, we continue the conversation by exploring the domain world even deeper.

Stick with us while we share some additional domain insight, from domain broker tips and tricks, to domain negotiation and the best places on the web to score that winning domain!

Places to buy established domains

We already talked about where one can register a new domain name that hasn’t been registered yet in our first post. To recap, we told you how we’re fans of this registrar.

But what about those existing domains that others have already registered and/or developed and are for sale by owner?

Two of the most reputable places to buy a domain such as this would be Sedo or Flippa.

Sedo allows domain owners to park their domain and list their domain for sale. You can buy/sell domains here or send a domain to auction.

You’ll find more undeveloped properties on Sedo, but many more valuable ones in the name itself.

Flippa, on the other hand, is known as the #1 place to buy and sell existing and/or developed websites.

If you’re looking for a site that’s already established and is receiving traffic, Flippa is the ideal marketplace for that.

Do your Homework

Once you’ve found the right domain name, make sure that your investment doesn’t turn to dust when the time comes to actually promote it.

Be aware of all sub-domains being used.

Are they all owned by the same person? If you’ve already registered (or invested) in a domain name, hopefully by this point you’ve checked this, but you don’t want someone else to benefit from the hard work you’ll be putting in later on.

And what about similar domains?

Are there near-identical domains being used to house much of the same content that you had in mind?  Since this is the adult market, it’s very possible that you’ll run into a situation like this. If you do come across a similar domain in use, look to the strategies of this site owner.

Are these strategies working for him or her?

Take note— because these sites may very well become your competition soon.

When you’re battling it out for the same traffic, you’re gonna want the most substantial piece of the pie!

And the last bit of homework that you should be doing that we can’t possibly stress enough, is making sure the domain you’re after is not a registered trademark.

No matter how awesome, how amazing your domain is…

It’s absolutely WORTHLESS if it infringes.

Yes, when it comes to trademark infringement, your domain CAN be taken from you. And yes, just because a domain is available to register or buy, does not mean it can’t already be in violation of someone’s trademark.  The responsibility lies with you.

All of these facts together can and will affect the price of a domain.

Negotiate the right price

As we already covered in our first post on domains, the price of a domain name can be evaluated by the bid price of the primary keyword being used, and Google Adwords Keywords Planner is a big help.

However, there are many other factors that one should take into account:

  • For example, what’s the domain’s monthly traffic volume?
  • Has this domain already been used for something?
  • Is the history behind it good history… or has it been blacklisted?
  • How sought after is this domain? Are there many potential buyers or is it just you?
  • Any backlinks?

The answers to all of these questions really have a huge impact on the potential sale price of a name. It’s much better to ask questions than to not ask questions before the negotiation round starts.

Who knows, some of the info you obtain just might mean a better deal for you!

Have a Plan

Negotiation is an art, not a science.  There will be times in your evaluations and negotiations — where you may come to a fair price, but the owner may back out or may no longer be interested in selling.

That’s just another example in life on how important it is to always have a Plan B. There’s no reason for your dreams to be squashed just because you suffered failure once, or even twice.

On the flip side, if you do succeed and buy the domain name of your dreams thanks to your amazing charm (and probably your deep pockets), let’s hope you do have a plan for that as well.

At CrakRevenue, we know that domain parking is just another monetization solution for some domain owners who don’t know what to do with their domain — but we’re so much happier to help you develop the right website with tools that will help you succeed… BIG TIME!

Quantity? Quality? Or both?

Now that you know a little bit more about domain acquisition, the sky’s the limit! Indeed, if a domain name is the cornerstone of any website (and it obviously is), you know that domain strategies will vary from one person to the next.

Some guys may love owning the popular names with more type-in traffic than one can shake a stick at, while another entrepreneur might prefer the unique/obscure name that they can build up and establish their own brand with. There’s really no right or wrong approach.

In any event, once you’re aware of the extent of the domain market, you’ll start to see monetization from new angles. And who knows where that might lead?  You might just become a successful domain broker when all is said and done!

Whichever path you choose, all these roads have the potential to lead to money. And that’s never a bad place to be headed.

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