Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 1

Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 1
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Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


July 30, 2014


Affiliate Marketing

Successful Marketers

Anyone and everyone can be a marketer these days, but to become true, successful marketers?  That takes an undeniable certain skill set.  Over the years, we've picked up a thing or two along the way.   It is with great pleasure to share our findings that separate successful marketers… from well, the ordinary ones.

1 - Thinking you’re too good for Social Media

You may be a wizard at all things webmastery ㅡ you may have years of experience building your own sites and developing them, but to really succeed in marketing in 2014, you should realize the role social media plays.

It’s not just for teenagers and college-aged individuals alike.

Nope, it extends way beyond that.

All the successful brands have a Facebook page or a Twitter account.  Do you think it's because they're badly in need of some lovin' and caring from total strangers?  NOPE!  It’s because they’re smart.

If these multi-billion dollar companies know to embrace it, there’s your cue right there to follow suit.

If you’re one of the old-school Webmasters who think Facebook and Twitter are “lame” ㅡ you best lose that thinking fast.  Grit your teeth and bare it: being on social media can bring you a lot of free traffic as long as you play by their rules.

2 - Not Bridging the Gap

So you've got great ideas, huh?  So do a lot of people.  Great ideas are nice and all, but how far will they really take you if you don’t know how to execute them and bridge the gap?

It doesn't matter if you are a programmer, entrepreneur, or a skilled affiliate marketer:  the cold hard truth is, if one cannot execute their ideas and concepts by implementing them, you will fail and your competitors will surpass you in every way imaginable.

So what’s a great-idea-getter supposed to do?!

This brings us to #3...

3 - Not recognizing your own strengths

Do you think you’re extraordinary at Web design?  Fantastic at coding?  One helluva creative thinker?  A go-getter and jack of all trades?

If you can do all these things, and do them well… we’d like to meet you.

You know the saying...

Jack of all trades, master of none

The harsh reality, though, is that not everyone will excel in each area of marketing and/or business that is usually necessary for a site or business to flourish.

There’s an easy solution though:  recognize your own strengths, and figure out your truest talent.  What are you the best at?

Whatever that may be – it’s likely to be one or two things, tops.

Figure out what you can handle and DO IT WELL!

And that brings us to #4...

4 -  Not Outsourcing

Remember how we just talked about you being skilled, but not skilled at everything?

That's the number one reason to outsource.

Hire a freelancer!  There are a number of talented individuals out there that could be a huge asset to your endeavors.

Partner with others who excel in areas you do not, whenever possible.

We certainly respect all you one-man shows out there, and we know the challenges of sometimes not having the luxury to delegate... but you solo acts can still choose to outsource!

It’s that simple.  Know your qualities, know what you’re good at, know what you can handle ㅡ and then take it head on!

After some self-reflection, outsource someone for a task you may be mediocre at:  Do you struggle with Programming?  Could you find someone better with numbers, who would absolutely nail Media Buying?

Find a business partner who can bring something to the table for a long lasting, successful partnership.

Letting go of control may be a scary concept to some, but finding people who can do a job, and do it well, is far more immeasurable in value than you'd ever imagine.

5 -  Not having a good mobile strategy

Your visitors expect to visit a functioning site, from any device.  They want reliability and competence at the helm... as they should.

With mobile data traffic up 81% in 2014 (...and only accelerating), site and business owners best prioritize and adapt to a mobile strategy that makes sense.

Mobile is absolutely critical to your online success.  We believe it will be very challenging for anyone to continue driving conversions if you don't adapt with the times.

Just make sure that your visitors' experience doesn't turn into a negative one if they were to visit your site on a mobile or tablet device (hint: we’re talkin’ responsive design here… easy to navigate, or even a site specifically designed and optimized for mobile!).

There’s still five more to go!

Next week, stick with us when we go over our final five findings that will zero in on marketing strategies that are nothing short of excellence!

Stay tuned!


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