Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 2

Findings That Separate Successful Marketers from Ordinary Ones – Part 2

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


August 6, 2014


Affiliate Marketing


To create a platform for success, true marketers must recognize that the marketing atmosphere is always changing and evolving.  A successful marketing strategy entails killing old and unproductive habits, as well as getting with the times.  Here are our five final findings we believe every marketer should be wary of so that success is within reach.

6 - Marketers who don’t adapt, die

Times change and every marketer must adapt to the always changing climate.

[ictt-tweet-inline]It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. ㅡ Charles Darwin [/ictt-tweet-inline]

Honestly, guys.  Knowing how to adapt is a skill set that’s going to trump all others.

Adaptation can apply to so many aspects of marketing, but for the sake of argument, let's focus on web design here for a second.

We know that web design has changed and evolved.

Does your website look like it was built in 2014, or the early 2000s?


  • Shift away from table based web designs to more modern CSS layouts
  • Say goodbye to those inline tags and start utilizing CSS whenever possible

Adapt to the ever-changing rules of SEO, which brings us to #7...

7 - Thinking SEO hasn’t changed since 1999

SEO, as far as digital years go, can be likened to dog years, at least according to the Search Engine Journal.

We found this to be quite funny and true, if you really think about it.

Most of us know about the old wives' tale that 1 dog year is believed to be equivalent to about 7 years of human life.

When you begin to think about Google and SEO, and how the algorithms change sometimes by the month ㅡ Google is wise beyond their years and they’re only growing wiser.

Considering the tech giant was founded in 1998 ㅡ that's 15 years in human years.  In dog years?  15 x 7 = Ooold!

Example:  Keyword stuffing is out, and banning is in.

Keyword research is in, and quality content rules the day

Know that the age-old SEO tips and tricks that you once lived and died by for years are probably a little out of fashion now, and they may even be penalizing your site.  Make it your mission to stay up-to-date and on top of all the current trends by browsing articles on SEO just to stay in the know.

8 - Fearing the blank page

Let’s face it, some people just don’t like writing.  In fact, some downright fear it.

It doesn't have to be that way.  No one's expecting you to be Hemingway.

But, having a general grasp of writing, and not fearing it, is an important first step to successful marketer status.

Writing creates content.

Webmasters and marketers thrive on content.  Never forget that.

You’re not writing a book, or even essays... but being able to write about topics that interest you, with your own unique spin, creates unique content that can serve you well for the blogosphere.

Blogging equals content.  Content equals SEO.  SEO equals visitors... and Visitors = Optimization potential!

Get where we’re going with this?  Write, write, WRITE!

9.  Not shaping yourself

The marketing world has been abuzz lately with certain terminology, such as “T-shape” marketers.

We already touched on how you should recognize your own strengths, and how jack of all trades are masters of none.  This graphic is that same concept on steroids.

Breaking the diagram down, today's marketer should always focus on a job that they can rock out with ease ㅡ while at the same time, not losing sight of developing other skills across the marketing spectrum, that will eventually serve them well.

10 -  Not knowing how to Network

Whether it's with other Webmasters, SEO guys, Media Buyers, or anyone… if you know people you can network with (befriend, talk to) and you’re not doing just that ㅡ then you’re doing yourself and your site a huge disservice.

Link trade, ask for tips, seek advice.  After all, if you network and form friendships in the same Web world of mutual interests, this advice is generally free for the taking.

Everyone can be an asset.  Take advantage of this!


Sure, whether you're a pro marketer or a marketer lacking in confidence ㅡ the important takeaway here is that the climate is always changing and you must continue to change with it.  A true, successful marketer never becomes complacent.  There’s always an area that you can get better at, or adapt to better.  Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself!  With this list in mind, you’ll see success.

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