E-Real Estate Part 2 – Selling Websites

E-Real Estate Part 2 – Selling Websites


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Papa Whale


June 24, 2015




When someone or some entity is prepared to pay you a lump sum for one of your websites, selling your site can be a life changer.

Ah yes, that glorious feeling of impending financial freedom… for however long.  No matter the sale price, big or small, when someone sells one of their established websites—one that has been generating monthly revenue for some time—this sale price has all the makings of being a wonderful thing.

You’ve done your homework and you now know what your site may be potentially worth.

Even though sometimes, actually holding on to your site rather than selling, can prove to be twice as lucrative in the long run.

But whether you're selling your site for the capital, or simply to move onto other ventures... before you can get there, you need to actually know how to sell your website.

Is it worth selling?

Once you’ve evaluated your site’s worth, you really need to think about it:

  1. Is it more beneficial for you to sell now?


  1. Do you keep the site and work on growing its value?

If you don’t need the money at the time, sometimes showing your site some love and developing it a bit more can increase its value in the long run (this is especially true if you do better at monetizing it).

Trust your gut… weigh your options

If you know in your heart the passion’s no longer there, sometimes getting out while you can, with what you can, is the best course of action.

But if that fire’s still burning somewhere deep inside, and you think you have another year or two in you—not much else comes close to what one can accomplish with this level of motivation.

Remember, if you’re earning more every month, your site stands to sell for a wholeeee lot more!

Waiting, and knowing your true self and what you’re capable of can be the difference between thousands of dollars...and well... not having thousands of dollars, had you not weighed every option, weighed every pro and every con.

But let’s assume you know all this.

Let’s assume the time is right for you and your chosen time to sell is now.

What’s next?

Find your buyer   

There are a number of places where one can find potential investors willing to pay the big price. Today we’ll focus on the two biggest companies that offer sellers the chance to sell their e-real estate for a flat price, or through an auction format



Flippa has taken off over the years, it’s actually become one of the more popular choices to sell one’s established site. And the key word here is “established.” Flippa gives site owners an adequate platform to include all the important info about a site’s history, with no shortage of spots to include the facts that matter… the facts that will justify your asking price (fingers crossed!).

Whether it’s revenue screenshots, traffic information, or other general stats that pertain to your site, Flippa’s interface allows you to showcase relevant info to prospective buyers.



Sedo, on the other hand, is another well-respected site that can be used to find a potential buyer. Many end-users turn to Sedo.

The difference between Sedo and Flippa is, Sedo’s focus has traditionally been more on the sale of domain names themselves (undeveloped domains), and less on established sites.

That’s not to say you can’t sell an existing website on Sedo, because you certainly can—but we’d say the Flippa market is much more geared towards those seeking established sites (content and earnings).

Therefore, in our opinion Sedo shines more in terms of general domain sales - and Flippa with regard to the general sale of an existing site.

Know your buyer

Ask yourself:  Who would be in the market for your site?  Who would benefit from owning your site?

The average investor wanting monthly revenue on autopilot?

Or maybe…

Your competition… someone in the same industry as you, running a similar site.

Once you figure this part out, this gives you options. If they're not coming to you after listing your site on Flippa or Sedo, it might be time to go find them.

Negotiation is a craft; the best sellers usually have a sales spiel.

If someone doesn’t want your site, make them want it. Make them see the light on the other side. How is taking ownership of your site in their best interest?

Your website's traffic stats and income over the past year should be the number one compelling factor to a prospective buyer. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the best way to present this data effectively.

Don’t be too pushy

There really is a fine line between a good sales spiel and a used car salesman approach. The latter might come off a bit desperate, and if you show desperation in your approach, the potential buyer is going to see right through it.

It’s almost like an artful nudge in the right direction… “hey, see these stats?  These stats are worth noting because...

Remember, your traffic and the revenue your site has generated, will always do most of the talking.

If it ain’t strong and you find yourself turning into Billy Mays, your earnings and traffic could probably be better, and this is indication enough that you might want to hold off on selling - at least until you have more impressive stats to show.

Stats that will stand alone and do all the talking.

Be smart

But if/when that magical day comes along and a buyer finally agrees to purchase your site for the agreed price, we recommend using an Escrow service to complete the deal.

When the transferring of domain names is involved, you don’t want to take any chances losing something of so much value..if something goes wrong, or you get scammed.

As much as we’d like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, scammers are everywhere, in every industry.

Both Sedo and Flippa provide their own Escrow service for deals completed through either site.

And if you find yourself negoating a private deal, Escrow.com is just as effective.

Life after Sale

Life may be all rainbows and money for a while after a sale, but don't lose sight of the experience as a whole. There’s a good chance if you managed to sell a site based on traffic and revenue, you know what it took to get to that point, and you have what it takes to get there again.

Selling a site for $xxx is cool, but $x,xxx is cooler. And of course $xx,xxx is nice, but $xxx,xxx is a little bit nicer. We think you get the point. Selling your site doesn’t need to be the end all be all to your Web endeavors. If the passion's still there and you’re not retiring, stay hungry and think of ways you could use that money to fund your next big sale!

And if you've been fortunate enough to sell a site for a profit, we’d love to hear about it.

Be sure to comment!

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