Alternative Traffic Building Methods

Alternative Traffic Building Methods


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Papa Whale


August 3, 2016




A few months back, we covered some of the basics of how to get started building an adult audience and the feedback we received from you guys was wonderful.  

Many of you reached out to us for more information on the subject!

The common theme and question seemed to be, what are some alternative traffic building methods that we can recommend?

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on 4 undeniable ways to generate traffic.


Tube sitesand “automation”...

The three beautiful words that are music to adult Webmasters’ ears.  

Throw some legal content and monetization into the mix—and you have yourself a real gem of a strategy. is an all-in-one adult hosting solution and it’s an easy recommendation for helping you build up that traffic.

Because it’s so easy creating so many adult blogs and tubes so effortlessly — you can amass quite the number of personal hosted tubes rather quickly on damn near autopilot.

Don’t forget to use easyXsites’ Spin Title feature (or preferably - create your own descriptive original titles) to really give yourself the edge when it comes to increasing the potential for organic search engine traffic.  

2 - "Disqus" commenting

Disqus brands itself as “the #1 way to build an audience on your website.”

They’re not lying; Disqus is a great way to increase user engagement and traffic.

You should definitely use it to your advantage...

You may have even noticed we use Disqus for your comments right here on the CrakRevenue blog!  More and more sites have begun incorporating the Disqus platform over the last few years as it has become arguably the number one platform for site owners and digital publishers alike.

So when we say to use Disqus to your advantage, what do we mean?

  • Search out and find sites and/or blogs that are similar to yours
  • Look for sites/blogs that have covered the same topic or subject as you recently
  • Get involved; use Disqus to join the conversation by leaving a comment
  • You can make your Disqus display name your domain name / Site URL

Essentially, those who click on your comment will either be taken to your site or they’ll be able to visit your URL directly via your Disqus profile.

The great thing here is that people who stumble across your Disqus comments will be finding similar like-minded relevant content that they crave—an extension of the site they were just browsing, per se — and this is awesome not just for building traffic, but for retaining it!

3- Watermarking

Watermarking is an extremely effective long-term traffic-building method.

Watermarking your content leads to what we call type-in traffic.

The way it works is simple: once you have unique original awesome content, watermark it!  It not only links you as the content owner/creator, but it creates brand awareness.


It’s impossible to place a value on the total return you’ll see in terms of traffic or revenue

Since it doesn’t cost you anything to watermark your own content (assuming you don’t need to hire anyone for this), type-in traffic from your watermarks can help you achieve 100% return on investment (ROI). It’s a far cry from your typical CPC/PPC paid campaign that eats into your profits.

According to our internal data and stats, we’ve found that visitors originating from type-in traffic (which now accounts for around 10% of all our traffic at CrakRevenue) are twice as likely to convert and more likely to spend 30% to 40% more money on average than other sources of traffic.  

But remember, the real beauty of type-in traffic is its long-term natural traffic-building effects!

4- Social ‘Shoutouts’

Social Shoutouts can be magnificently wonderful at traffic building

In fact, remember, the pros far outweigh the cons when contemplating whether a social Shoutout is worth it to you.

Shoutouts are excellent for traffic building for the following reasons:

  1. You don’t need to go through an Ad-network to receive the traffic you’re seeking
  2. It’s an easy way to get qualified traffic
  3. It can be less expensive than buying traffic on prime spots on the most popular sites
  4. Split testing has never been easier to do
  5. And finally, you can create and invest in your own Social traffic base by selling and exchanging Shoutouts of your own with like-minded interested site owners.

Remember, the goal of a “Shoutout” is to increase visibility to one’s site or brand using established social accounts that already have an important following and fanbase.

In a nutshell, you pay the owner of a popular social account to get your brand mentioned on his or her page during the agreed upon timeframe (it can last anywhere from a  few hours — to a few weeks) and you just sit back and watch the social traffic come in!

So, where can one buy Shoutouts — aka — paid promotional posts??

Pretty much any site that is dedicated to selling Shoutouts and promotional posts full time.  

Sites such as and are always offering the ability to buy promotional posts in the social-sphere.


Final thoughts

There’s always going to be new and undeniable ways of attracting adult traffic to your respective tube, blog, or general adult site.

Fortunately, many of the traffic generation methods spotlighted here today are free; while some others offer more sophisticated traffic building techniques that may cost you a little bit more money along the way.  

Just remember...

When it comes to your traffic’s needs—all avenues should be explorednot ignored!

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