A Free, Multiple URL Redirection Script!

A Free, Multiple URL Redirection Script!


Written by

Papa Whale


September 28, 2016




Note: with Google Chrome's recent update as of January & February 2018, please note this popunder script has not been tested. 

Using your own domain name and redirecting to your CrakRevenue affiliate link(s) just got easier — because we’re sharing a quick & easy, highly-practical, multiple URL redirection script!

It’s a script that also serves as a simple and efficient way of A/B testing your campaigns, because we all know how important A/B testing (aka split testing) is when it comes to comparing the performance of various offers and multiple campaigns.

The script we’re sharing today is similar to an HTML meta refresh — a common, more simplified method of redirecting to another web page (as opposed to a 301 redirect via .htaccess).

By doing it in JavaScript, we are able to use multiple URLs of our choosing perfect for promoting multiple affiliate links.

The script

Customize it to your needs!

Add as many URLs as you wish!  We included 4 mock URLs for example purposes only.

As noted in the code note, just make sure that the last URL of the URLlist contains no comma at the end.

There is no weight specified here, so each URL you add will be randomly selected out of the list.

Where do I place the code in my HTML?

It’s recommended you place the <script> tag within the <head> section of your HTML document.

Some additional context behind the code... (and a special thanks!)

One of our longtime Webmasters and affiliates wanted to use his own domain to redirect to various CrakRevenue offers and he wanted to promote multiple offers and campaigns in the process.  

Special thanks goes out to Lan from NSFWLaughs.com for whipping up this very handy script to accomplish this task and for allowing us to share it with other affiliates who sought an easy way to A/B test numerous campaigns with his or her own domain name.

And on the subject of that, you may remember we shared a similar tool some months back — a popunder split testing script.

This multiple URL redirect script should make an excellent addition to your promotional efforts.  

Happy split testing, everyone. Enjoy!

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